Top 10 Features to have in a Construction / Real-estate Website

Top 10 Features to have in a Construction Real-estate Website

Real-estate companies need a strong online presence just like any other businesses in order to showcase the properties they offer and stay ahead of the competition. A well-designed website with comprehensive features is a great marketing tool for a real-estate company.

From design to usability and content, there are various things to consider so that your real-estate website look good and offer information that is relevant to your potential audiences.


Here’s a list of the best features that you can integrate into your real-estate website:

Good design

Design is an important part of a good website. When you have an eye-catching website, it helps in attracting the attention of your visitors and persuades them to explore the options you’re offering. However, in the process of making the website’s design an attracting one, make sure not to overdo. It should be attracting yet elegant and complement the content well.


Featured listings

Having a featured listing section is necessary to display properties that are available for sale and rent. You can provide the listing section either on the homepage or on an inner page dedicated for the same. The listings should not only provide images of the properties but also basic information of the properties. The homepage should also connect your site visitors to the important pages.


Quality information

While creating the content of a real-estate website, the main focus should be to provide quality information and lots of opportunities for interaction with your website visitors. The best real estate website offers original, helpful information to keep the visitors engaged and educate them at multiple levels such as community information, local resources, financial resources etc.


High-quality images

Images have a great effect on the viewers are they are easy to understand and creates a lasting impression. Make sure to include large, captivating images of the properties you’re offering. A photo gallery consisting of around ten images of the properties is extremely necessary if you want the visitors to get converted into customers. Furthermore, the images should of high-quality and optimized, as well.


Flawless navigation

For any kind of website, be it a corporate website or a real-estate website, navigation plays an important role. An efficient navigation system includes an interactive, well-organised menu, best CTAs and ensures that the visitors to the website are redirected smoothly to the pages of their interest without the need to click different links. Your website shouldn’t redirect your valuable visitor to a page that says, ‘Page Not Found’.


Mobile optimized

As a higher percentage of people use mobile devices for different kinds of online activities, enabling your real-estate website to function properly on tablets and smartphones is vital. The high-quality images and videos you use should display properly on all mobile devices. A responsive website is a perfect solution as it adjusts automatically to fit screens of any size and behaves seamlessly across different browsers allowing people to get access to your website from anywhere and on any device.


Location map

Highlighting the location of the property in relation to transportation, area amenities and corporate neighbours are extremely necessary; a location map is a great way to do this.


Visible contact information

Make sure to offer a detailed address of your office location/locations and proper contact information. If your potential customers can’t contact you, all your hard work just goes waste.


Offer direction

Optimizing your location with a Google map to point out the exact location of your office makes it easy for the prospective buyers to find you. It also helps in making better your company’s visibility in search engines, as well.



No matter your website look beautiful but evaluating the effectiveness of the website is what you shouldn’t underestimate. Integrating Google Analytics into your real-estate website helps in tracking the performance of the site and find out how visitors interact with each web page.

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