Tips For Crafting Transactional And Promotional Emails To Increase Sales

Effective communication is essential between ecommerce businesses and their customers for strengthening their relationship and ensuring success for the businesses, and transactional and promotional emails play a very important role in it. They are used to improve user engagement, send important updates, and increase sales by alerting subscribers about the latest product launches and offers.

There are many different types of transactional and promotional emails, and we have discussed some of the important ones below:

Cart Abandonment Alert Email

Abandoned cart emails are follow-ups that are sent to customers who add products to their shopping carts and leave without purchasing them. These emails are reminders of abandoned carts and the products in them and are used to attract customers to complete the purchase.

Tips To Write A Cart Abandonment Alert Email

  • One reason for cart abandonment could be that customers put items in it and forgot to come back to it. Send them an email with the details and the picture of the product and ask them if they would like to complete the purchase. Have short and simple headings that are straightforward and quickly attract attention, like “forgot something?”.
  • Sometimes customers may find that the price of your product is too high. All they need to purchase it is a gentle, attractive nudge. Win them back by offering a discount on the abandoned product.
  • Customers will be willing to buy your product regardless of its price when you offer shipping incentives on it. Assure them in your email that they don’t have to pay extra charges like shipping fees, taxes, etc. for the product.
  • Assure customers that you have saved the item in their cart in case they change their minds. Make the product available for a short time.
  • Asking customers to purchase your product is the biggest commitment that you could ask for from them. Make the call-to-action in your email more effective by using low-commitment words like “proceed to cart” instead of “buy”.
  • Inability to complete the purchase of a product can also be the reason for cart abandonment. Include contact details in your email where customers can reach out to you with queries on the payment methods, product and shipping details, etc.
  • If your customers are no longer interested in the product in their cart, you could show them options for similar products, like those with a different color/design.
  • The bestselling product of your brand is the one that brought the most conversions for you and can help convert your abandoned visitors. If they have a bestselling product in their cart, talk about it in your email. Highlight its best features and benefits.
  • Customer reviews are the first thing that people look at while buying a product. Assure your customers of your product’s quality by including the details of your past customers’ experiences in your email.

Promotional Email

Promotional emails are used to create hype for products, and promise discounts, offers, sales, etc. to customers for purchasing them. These emails include upselling, cross-selling, seasonal, and new product announcement emails.

Tips To Write A Promotional Email

  • Upselling emails encourage customers to buy an upgraded version of a product that they already bought. Your customers may feel that upgrades are not necessary and would not be willing to spend extra money on them. To get them interested, detail the features of the upgraded version in the email and explain how it can benefit them. Make it easy for them to purchase the upgrade by offering a discount on it. Send this email as soon as you launch the upgraded product or when a customer’s free trial is nearing expiry.
  • Cross-selling emails offer add-ons to customers for the products that they bought previously, like related products or accessories. Talk about the product’s benefits in the email, explain how it will enhance the experience of using the original product and offer it at half the price of the original product.
  • Most people sign up for promotional emails to get updates on product launches and to be the first ones to get their hands on your new product. However, you wouldn’t want to send them too many of these emails with details of every new product or you would risk losing customers or being marked as spam. Send them teaser emails and personalized suggestions for relevant products based on their search/purchase histories. Offer the products at a discount to the first few subscribers.
  • Seasonal emails are something that everybody can relate to. Festivals, seasons like spring, summer, and winter, and days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, new year, etc. are all times for gifting, and you can use them as opportunities to create special offers for your customers. Use seasonally relevant themes and phrases in your emails to make them appealing, and create a sense of urgency in the copy.

Referral Email

People are more likely to purchase products that are referred to them by their family or friends. Referral emails are sent by businesses to their long-time customers asking them to refer the business to others. These emails are a great way to spread word-of-mouth for free.

Tips To Write A Referral Email

  • Send the email to referrers after the order placement email. Thank them for their order and then ask for the referral.
  • Let them know their reward for referring others. Offer them a discount on their purchases in exchange for each referral.
  • Offer the referrer and the referee free samples of your upcoming launch.