Tips To Write Persuasive Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are attached to pictures on ecommerce websites to give readers details about their features and specifications. They are also used for marketing purposes and are written in a way to entice readers towards products. Along with pictures, product descriptions play a major role in influencing readers’ buying decisions. Therefore, it is important that they are clear and captivating.

Here, we have listed a few ways in which you can write product descriptions that sell:

Understand Your Target Audience

The key to writing appealing descriptions for your product is defining your target audience. You must know their demographics, interests, their expectations from similar products, their style of speaking, etc. This will help you to understand and highlight the most relevant features of a product in a manner that is most appealing to users.

Underline The Benefits Of The Products

Being the owner of your business, you will surely want to present every specification of your product to readers. However, based on your research about their interests and pain points, you must only highlight the features that will benefit them in order to pique their interest in your product.

Make The Copy Scannable

You can attract your readers’ attention to the most important features of your product by making them easier to spot and read. Have the text in short paragraphs or bullet points, simple and large fonts, and bright colors.

Use Storytelling

Captivate your readers by giving them the backstory of your product. For example, if you own a tea brand, you can start by talking about the history and the very first use of tea. You can also narrate your own earliest memories of having tea, which will transport readers back to their own memories and help them to make an instant connection with your brand.

Win Customer Trust By Giving Technical Details

In the case of products like gadgets, musical instruments, etc., people look for technical specifications. Demonstrate your expertise in your niche and earn credibility by elaborating on the technical details of your product.

Natural Language

Write in a language that your readers can relate to and make it easier for them to connect with you. Use a conversational tone and language, and make sure it is consistent with your brand.

Use Sensory Words

You can use sensory adjectives to bring your product to life for your readers. Examples of such words are “rich” and “luxurious” for desserts, “lush” for fabric, etc. However, you should use them carefully or it can put your readers off of your product.

Answer FAQs

Do research on the most frequently asked questions about your product and answer them in the description. This will ensure transparency about your product, eliminate any doubts about it from the minds of readers, and increase their trust in your brand and product.


In the world of ecommerce, product descriptions can be the deal-breaker between gaining or losing customers. Apart from following the tips given here to write compelling descriptions, you must read your copy aloud and proofread it to check its tone and readability. And along with making it attractive, you must also make sure it reaches the right target audience. Optimizing your product description copy for different search engines by researching and using the relevant and most-used keywords can ensure maximum traffic for it.