How To Write An Ecommerce Landing Page Copy To Increase Sales

A landing page is a webpage that is designed to attract visitors to a special offer or a product/service. Landing pages are designed to be independent of the rest of the website so as to prevent visitors from getting distracted from the other pages and elements of the website. The objective of a landing page is to convert its visitors into leads. To accomplish this, it needs to have compelling content along with an attractive design.

Here we have listed the essential elements you need to have in your landing page copy to make it effective:

Have A Main Heading

Create hype for your product in the main heading. Keep its word count between 10-20 words. To quickly attract attention to it, use a dark, bold color, align it in the center, and capitalize its words. Use punctuation carefully – use it to split the heading into two parts and use quotation marks to grab attention, but avoid using a period. Eliminate the feeling of hesitation from the readers’ minds in the heading. Think about what prevents them from purchasing your product and address it in the heading.

Have A Subheading

Headings that are accompanied by subheadings have better conversion rates. Use the subheading to provide further details about your product and how you intend to deliver on the promise you made in the heading. Tell your visitors how they will benefit from using your product or availing of your offer. Address the pain points of people and let them know how your product will offer a solution to them. Ensure that the subheading is not too wordy or technical.

Keep Important Information Above The Fold

Your visitors should be able to see all the information that they need without having to scroll down the page. Keep information about your product along with its picture and call-to-action in the top fold of the page, and limit the text to two paragraphs.

Use A Single, Strong Call-To-Action

Give your visitors one clear direction on what action they need to take on the landing page; avoid distracting them with different CTAs. If you want them to avail of your new product, have a CTA for that on the page instead of offers on other products. You can have the same CTA multiple times on the page. Address the visitor directly using personalized words, reiterate the benefit of your offer, and have words like “free” and “now” in capital letters. Ensure that the message in the CTA is the same as that of the heading and the subheading.

Don’t Hesitate To Have A Long Copy

A compelling copy doesn’t necessarily always mean a short copy. To get your visitors to trust your product, you may have to include all the features and technical details about it, and answer frequently asked questions. You can introduce yourself to first-time visitors and talk about why they can trust your brand. Break the text up into multiple paragraphs and use bullet points for better readability.

Have A Message Match

Message match is when the message of the ad that attracted visitors to your landing page is the same as your page’s content. Make sure that the promise you made and the language you used in the ad is the same as that of the offer on your landing page.