Smart Ways to Build an Email List from Scratch

In this saturated eCommerce business world, competition among the companies is getting high every day. If you’re into such a business, it’s wise that you invest your energy and time in creating a well-planned email marketing strategy.
Well-planned and rightly implemented email marketing can help you to have maximum visibility. From increasing your customer base to making better brand recognition to increasing customer loyalty, your business can be benefitted in a number of ways. And in comparison is other forms of marketing, email marketing offers extremely high ROI (return on investment).
Benefits of Creating an Email List
Acquiring an email list is extremely easy; you can purchase email list as much as you want. But there arises a big problem while you use the email list into your marketing strategy. The emails you sent to the list you have purchased actually don’t reach the qualified leads.
Creating an email list that is healthy and strong provides much better benefits. Though more resources and work are involved to create an email list, the result you’ll get is incredibly beneficial. With your own email list, you can reach the highly targeted audience with personalised and compelling messages.
Ways to Create an Email List
So, let’s explore some smart ways to create a valuable email list.
• Give email opt-in options on your website
The most common but incredibly effective method to capture email addresses is by using the opt-in option on the webpage. It provides the users with an opportunity to sign up for any announcements or newsletters. Though you may want to capture much information, make sure that you don’t complicate the process. It’s best if you keep things simple so that it becomes easier for the users to sign up. As writing and designing is not a one-size-fits-all option, you need to consider the opt-in page as an ever-evolving piece of design and copy. Once you create your email opt-in, you can start driving website traffic and accumulate subscribers.
• Include incentives
If you want to create the email list quickly, you can offer incentives to users so that they sign up. Including an incentive is one of the effective methods to create an email list quickly. You can offer incentives such as discounts on first purchase, free shipping, gift guide, eBook, and so on. Basically, you should provide your customers something valuable for the sign up.
• Giveaways are useful
An excellent way to capture the email addresses of your potential audience is to promote giveaways on social media channels and on your website. You can provide a gift card or one of the best-selling products to the winners. Ask your audience to provide their email addresses so that you can notify the winners.
• Capture email addresses during checkout
One of the main places to get email addresses is the checkout page. Customers are likely to give their active email addresses to place an order as they will receive the order confirmation and shipping details on the email address. On that page, you can even provide your customers with the opt-in option for your promotional emails.
• Add call-to action (CTA) and landing pages
Every landing page, web page, and blogs should have an appealing CTA rather than traditional phrases like ‘sign-up’ and ‘subscribe’. Additionally, your websites should have more landing pages. Websites with more landing pages tend to enhance conversions significantly. So, more landing pages you add, the better are the engagement and leads you receive.
• Promote on social media platform
When you do active promotion of your products or brand on your social media channels, you can create an email list from it, as well. You can use lead ads or organic posts to find customers who are interested in your offerings. To collect name, email address and contact information quickly, you can use instant forms.