Revalsys’s Order Management System For Retail Businesses

In today’s internet age, online sales account for 15% of total retail sales. Competition in the ecommerce industry is becoming increasingly fierce as more people shop online and more businesses enter the market. To succeed in this environment, ecommerce businesses need to be organised by using the right tools and technologies.

Order management is the process of preparing, shipping, and tracking orders. It is an essential part of warehouse operations and necessary for the growth and success of any business that sells goods. It is easy for small businesses with few orders to perform these tasks. Many growing businesses also perform this process manually, which is challenging for them to accomplish accurately. For such businesses, it is important to automate this process to simplify and speed it up. This is where the order management system comes in. It is software that allows businesses to track their inventory and orders in real time. This helps them to save money by ordering stock accurately and to improve customer satisfaction by keeping them informed of the order status and expected delivery date.

Order fulfilment is part of the order management process. Order fulfilment comprises four steps: receiving, picking, packing, and shipping orders. The process begins with ordering and stocking sufficient inventory to fulfil all orders. A business’s fulfilment software creates a packing slip that is sent to the appropriate warehouse. The right items that are in good condition are then picked out by warehouse staff for each order. The items are sent to the staff at the packing station to be packed for shipping, and finally to courier companies to be shipped to customers.


Revalsys developed an order management system for its retail clients with the following features to simplify and speed up order fulfilment and management:

Automated Generation Of Picking And Packing Slips

Revalsys’s order management system automates the generation of shipping documents. The software contains two separate modules for the picking and packing teams of the clients.

Picking slips contain the list of items needed to be picked to fulfil each order, along with the date and time of picking. Packing slips contain details of the contents of each package, such as their descriptions, quantities, costs, recipients’ details, and the dates and methods of shipping. Revalsys’s order management system enables the clients to generate and send the picking slips to the warehouse teams and packing slips to the packing station staff after orders are placed. This helps them to save paper and increase their productivity by freeing their employees up to perform other important tasks.

Integration With Multiple Courier Partners

Timely delivery of orders is an important factor in customer satisfaction. Revalsys’s order management system contains a module that is integrated with multiple courier partners. It helps the clients to increase their efficiency and reach in the following ways:

  • The businesses can serve customers in different countries and deliver orders at each customer’s preferred time, be it immediately, same day, overnight, or the next day.
  • If one courier partner cannot deliver, another will be available to step in and fulfil the orders so the businesses have no downtime.
  • The businesses can pull information for each order in the system, send it to their designated courier partners for pickup, and collect shipment statuses from them.

Real-Time View Of Orders

Transparency is one of the important factors that contribute to the success of an ecommerce business. Revalsys’s order management system provides the clients and their customers with full visibility of the journey of orders from the time they are placed until they are delivered.

  • The businesses can search for their shipped orders using customer information such as their name, email address, order number, mobile number, and order status. They can use this data to provide customer service and issue refunds quickly.
  • The businesses can also search for orders by their fulfilment status to see the number of fulfilled and pending orders, and search by the delivery partner to see the number of deliveries made by each partner.