How AI (Artificial Intelligence) is influencing buying pattern in ecommerce

Artificial intelligence is the technology behind the software that artificially recreates human intelligence and can understand habits of human beings. Advancement in AI and deep learning has offered a change in our lives in different ways. While various sectors have embraced AI, e-commerce industry has not been left behind in adopting this technology. In fact, artificial intelligence is everywhere¬—from enhanced user experience to security checks at the airport. According to Business Insider, by the year 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without interacting with a human.

AI and E-commerce

E-commerce itself is a sort of revolution that brought changes to the buying methods of customers. With a variety of products being available anytime within a few clicks and the sheer convenience of receiving products at home itself, online shopping has become a big hit. But, with online shopping sites growing like mushrooms and the competition getting tougher day by day, having just an online presence will not do. You need to adopt new technology to offer your customers a better experience and stand out among others. You should redefine your business by unlocking the benefits offered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Creating A More Personalised Customer Experience With AI

As AI can analyse a vast data more efficiently in comparison to a human, it allows companies to offer a more personalised shopping experience to their customers. AI can identify clusters and patterns in customer information such as browsing pattern of the customers, purchasing behaviour, similarities between customers, types of app used by the customers and other information more quickly.

A large number of transactions could be analysed by AI daily in order to target offers to one customer. The ability of AI to standardise product categories and apply knowledge from the large set of data to recognise objects, visuals etc. makes it easier for the visitors to look for the required products in a convenient way. The advanced machine learning algorithms and cognitive computing, AI makes it possible to provide customers with the appropriate options based on the customer’s search preferences. Chatbot is an example of AI that personalises customer experience and drives conversion.

With the vast information about customers, it has empowered the sales team like never before. Personalisation of the sales cycle with the help of AI-driven software is helping companies to target the right people at the right time with the right messages. Personalised recommendations and acknowledging the intent of the shoppers in accordance with their profile, shopping pattern etc. has become very much easier with AI. For sales growth and optimisation of other aspects of e-commerce operation, AI is the most smartest and modern tool. There is no doubt that AI is changing the face of e-commerce obviously for the better by influencing the buying pattern of the customers and offering solutions that are neither inappropriate or not tailored.