9 E-commerce Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2019

9 E-commerce Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore in 2019

eCommerce industry has come a long way from the time it came into being. As with every business industry, the trends in eCommerce industry also keep changing with numerous players in this field, it becomes necessary for you to understand the latest trends and adopt those to stay on the relevant track. No matter you’re a start-up company or an established one, you can give your best only when you follow the latest trends.

With an aim to help the marketers make better their eCommerce business and stay ahead in the competition curve,

here are some of the eCommerce trends that you can’t afford to miss in the year 2019:

1. Rise in Customer Expectation

Customer expectation will get higher this year. Shoppers will expect a bug-free website that offers seamless shopping experience and have clear refund/return policy. Shoppers will even expect you to save their time by offering personalised

Rise in Customer Expectation

product recommendation and that too at right price. Get the right technology integrated to your online store and make use of analytics to the core to know the shopping patterns of your customers and stand up to their expectations.

2. Shipments and Agility will be the Key

Shipments and Agility will be the Key

E-commerce businesses that can ship the products shortly after a customer places an order and offer free shipping are going to stay ahead in the competition. You need to do quality check of products as well as packaging, fine-tune logistics partnership and shipping integrations so that your customers receives the right products at the right time with proper packaging. You can add value to packaging my making it more attractive and consider dropshipping to eliminate inventory cost.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Grow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Grow

Like other industries, Artificial Intelligence will bring great changes in eCommerce industry in this year. Brands that make use of AI and machine learning are going to offer more personalised experience to its customers. With AI, the sales process will get more productive as it will generate high value leads for email marketing. Artificial Intelligence will integrate chatbots for doing numerous work, ranging from carrying out conversations with customers to handling order processing.

4. Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Ever since Augmented Reality came into existence, it’s providing a great impact on the users as it offers them with extraordinary experiences. The use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices allows the businesses to reach their customers easily and quickly in an engaging way. Even social media channels are looking for new ways to incorporate this impactful technology on their platforms.

5. Omni-platform


It’s good that you’re having your presence on multiple platforms. But in this competitive eCommerce world, just making your presence on various platforms is not enough. You should integrate the multiple platforms with one another and make sure that your site is accessible through multiple devices. If you want to reach multichannel shoppers, you should provide a seamless experience. When the shoppers can access you on different platforms, they should feel like interacting with one entity. You can achieve this by including consistent design, branding, sales processes, social media content, advertising etc. in your strategy.

6. Voice Search Everywhere

Voice Search Everywhere

Amongst other eCommerce trends, voice search will definitely be one of the vital trends that will help your business stand out.  A significant number of shoppers these days use voice search before making a purchase. Most voice searches that are made to seek answers to simple questions or made for local searches.

7. Video Content will Grow

With eCommerce business being such a big industry, integrating video into your content strategy is crucial to the success of the business. In this mobile-first culture, video is the fastest growing advertising format. You can make use of live videos as well as recorded videos to drive better customer engagement.

Video Content will Grow

When there are lots of options to buy similar products, shoppers will buy from the online store that excels in customer engagement.

8. The future is with Subscription-based Services

The future is with Subscription-based Services

For both businesses and consumers, subscription-based services have proved to be very effective. With big companies like Amazon offering subscription-based service with Amazon Prime, it has become a big hit in the e-commerce industry. As subscription-based service offers flexibility to the customers, it helps in making better sales.

9. A Stronger Social Media Strategy

A Stronger Social Media Strategy

This year eCommerce businesses will need a stronger social media strategy, be it for free or paid content. For paid content, you can make smart use of CTAs that urge the users to click on those and reach the landing pages. Make sure that you have better online presence on the social media platforms, engage more, listen carefully and show interest to serve.

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