Signs That Indicate Your Business Needs A CRM System

Businesses today are extremely competitive and are vying for the same customer. Whether you are a growing or a veteran business, ensuring customer satisfaction by providing efficient customer service is crucial for your growth. Superior customer service will ensure you more customers, but fast customer service will help to retain them.

A CRM used well helps various departments of your business to speed up business processes and serve your customers better. It helps you to track and understand your customers.

If you are not using a CRM yet, now is the right time to start. Look for the following signs that you need one:

You Can’t Find Your Customer Data

Maintaining customer information and interaction data on excel sheets is easy when you are a small business. However, as your business and customer base start growing and the amount of data that needs to be maintained increases, so will the number of excel sheets that you need to maintain. This can cause you to lose track of your customer information and the history of your interactions with customers. Manual data maintenance also decreases the productivity of your employees as it is a waste of time that they could use to meet more customers and make more sales. This is where a CRM can help, as it automates the process and stores your data in a single, centralised location on the internet.

There Are Errors And Inaccuracies In Your Manual Data Entries

Another disadvantage of manual data maintenance is that it is prone to errors like deletions, duplications, and typos. This is because entering and re-entering data takes time, takes a physical toll on the sales reps after a while, and causes them to lose their attention. By automating this process, a CRM system saves your sales reps time and energy, and your organisation money.

You Can’t Keep A Tab On Your Sales Reps

Every organisation aims to keep improving sales. However, this is not possible unless the organisation regularly monitors the activity of its sales teams. Logging your sales team’s activity manually into excel sheets every day affects your productivity. A CRM system lets you track the activity of your sales team in real time. This helps you to plan their future activities to ensure they interact with more clients and close more sales.

Your Customers Are Turning To Your Competitors

Poor customer service is one of the major reasons why customers abandon businesses for their competitors. An increase in the volume of customer complaints or negative customer reviews and ratings is a sign that you need a system that can monitor customer feedback for you. A CRM system offers you a real time look at the interactions on your social media posts to help you respond to them instantly and improve the quality of your product/service and customer service. You can also use this feedback to offer your customers personalised experiences. This will increase customer satisfaction and retention and give you a competitive advantage.

Your Sales Reps Are Losing Out On Deals While On The Go

Salespeople need to be available for customers at any point of time. However, many of them spend most of their time traveling to meet their potential clients or for work trips. The absence of salespeople to attend to customers and answer their queries leads to businesses losing potential customers. Mobile CRM helps your salespeople to attend to customers while on the move by providing them access to customer details on mobile devices. It also allows salespeople and customers to connect using mobile devices. This saves them the hassle of clearing up their schedules and choosing a time and a place to meet up.

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