Mistakes to Avoid While Starting an Online Business

Over the years, cyberspace has become an important platform for entrepreneurs to provide a boost to their business. With a wide audience, having an eCommerce store is a wonderful opportunity to make money. Though some has utilised the benefits cyberspace offers to make their businesses prosperous; while some are not getting good results opening an eCommerce store. This could be due to certain mistakes the business owners make while opening an online store.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes that most eCommerce businesses make due to which they are not being able to reap the benefits of online business.

• Neglecting market survey

No doubt online space offers you the opportunity to sell products online by making those visible to the customers. However, not doing a proper market survey before you start your online store can stop your business to become successful. You should know well whom you’re going to sell your products. Knowing your potential audience is extremely important to run an online store.

• Not having a follow-up email system

Not every website visitor turns into a customer. People may visit your website, search for products and leave the website. But if you don’t have a system to collect the email ids of the visitors, you are losing a significant percentage of your potential visitors. You can ask your website visitors to sign up for newsletters or to create an account with you and offer discounts on first purchase etc. Once you get the email ids of your potential customers, you can follow-up by sending emails regarding the products they have searched, related products on discounts, special offers etc.

• Not doing proper SEO

An eCommerce store’s survival and success greatly depend on its visibility to the customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) makes better your visibility on search engine by placing you on top of search engine result page. People are likely to visit the results that attain the top places on the first page. So, it’s necessary to do a good SEO so that your website appears at the top when people make a search.

• Using the wrong hosting company

The hosting company you choose for your website plays a crucial role in the success of your business. If you rely on a hosting service provider with old servers, you’ll get into trouble because the server will either get too slow or crash. Things like these can make the searches divert to your competitor’s companies. Make sure that you choose the best hosting services for your business.

• Failure to use the benefits of social media platform to the fullest

Social media is one such marketing platform that not only allows you to connect with your target audience but also expands your reach and makes better your business. When you use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. in the right way, you can get quality leads. Along with making better brand awareness, you can generate better conversions, as well letting you make better your revenue growth. Failing to make use of the benefits these social media sites offer means you’re losing something most valuable to your business.

• Ignoring customer service

Making your customers satisfied is extremely important for the success of any eCommerce business. If the customers have a good experience with your eCommerce website, they’re likely to visit your website again for more purchases. You should some way or the other such as email, survey, live chat etc. get interact with the people who visit your website.