Important Ecommerce Dates To Remember And Prepare For

Every customer loves a good deal, and festivals and observances are perfect opportunities for you to offer them one. Those days are occasions for your customers to deck up themselves and their houses. No matter which products you sell, festivals and observances serve as great marketing and sales opportunities for you. They play a huge role in increasing customer satisfaction and your sales.

Your current and potential customers start shopping for festive outfits and décor days or even months in advance. And in order to attract their attention to your brand quickly on those hectic days, it is important that you plan and prepare your marketing and sales strategies in advance too.

To get you started with your planning, here we have listed a few of the important days and have given you some ideas for offers for those days:

New Year

People use the start of a new year as an opportunity to give their houses and wardrobes a fresh new look. This is an opportunity for you to promote your collection of little black dresses, matching clutches, makeup products, bedding products, curtains, decorating lights, desserts, diamond jewelry, etc.

This is also the day when people start working on their goals for the new year, most of which are revolved around health and fitness. Have offers on products that help them to achieve these goals, like blenders, microwaves, smartwatches, dumbbells, exercising balls, gym wear, yoga mats, etc.

Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s week is full of occasions for couples to celebrate their love for each other by exchanging a different gift on each day. Find unique ideas to promote relevant products on these days. On Rose Day, offer your customers unique ways to “exchange roses” with their loved ones by promoting products like perfumes, jewelry, desserts, and clothes featuring rose flowers.

Valentine’s week is also a time that makes your single customers feel left out. Make them feel a little less lonely by doing some “anti-Valentine’s Day” promotions. On Chocolate Day, give singles an opportunity to pamper themselves with a chocolate facial/massage. Celebrate the bond between your female customers on Galentine’s Day – create a buy-one-get-one-free offer on clothes, shoes, and jewelry and create a lookbook of party outfit ideas.

Along with your products, you can also add a romantic feel to your offers by naming your coupon codes after synonyms of the word “love”.

Mother’s Day

Put up a virtual postcard on your website and encourage your social media followers to write messages on it for their mothers. Being a mother is hard work – if you are a beauty brand you can put your self-care products together into a kit, run a contest, and offer the kit for a discount to your customers who are mothers.

You don’t need to center all of your promotions around mothers – if you are a restaurant, capture the spirit of Mother’s Day and promote comfort foods to your homesick customers.

Women’s Day

You can start your promotions for the day dedicated to women by dedicating a whole page on your website to them. Have a powerful message on women empowerment and women’s rights on top of the page. Give details of your special offers for the day on the page and add relevant images to make it more attractive.

Introduce your female team members to your visitors. Ask your social media followers to tag and dedicate a message to one woman who inspires them the most and give shopping vouchers to them both. Team up with nonprofits that support women’s causes like education, employment, and health – encourage your customers to purchase your products by letting them know that your proceeds will be going to charity.

Father’s Day

Customers are looking to pamper their fathers on this day and grooming products are this day’s most popular products. Put together a grooming kit of relevant products from your collection and offer it for a discount. Some of the other popular products that you can have offers on are pens, wallets, etc. To make it easy for your customers to find the products, have a separate section for them on the website.

Traditional Indian Festivals

Different Indian states have their own different set of festivals which gives you a host of opportunities to promote different kinds of products. Diwali is a time for Indians to give their houses a makeover so you can have offers on household items like bedding, curtains, decorative lights, etc. A part of this festive home makeover is “Diwali cleaning”, and this is the time when household cleaning supplies fly out of shelves. You can take advantage of this and have offers on items like cleaning liquids for jewelry and crockery, brooms, bucket mops, etc.

Raksha Bandhan is the day to celebrate the brother-sister bond. It is the day when they exchange sweets and gifts and is a huge marketing opportunity for you. You can have offers on exclusive gifting items for girls and boys like soft toys, remote-controlled cars, jewelry, grooming kits, etc., and you can also promote items coffee mugs, pillow covers, photo frames, etc. which can be personalized with messages and photos.