Finding And Using Relevant Keywords For Your Ecommerce Website

Keywords in SEO are words or phrases that describe the content of a webpage/website. They are the words that customers use to search for products. It is important to find and use appropriate keywords in your website’s copy to increase its visibility and ensure success for it. Using accurate keywords in your website copy can drive the right traffic to it and increase sales for you.

Types Of Keywords


They are less than three words long, broad search terms, and the most commonly used keywords. Examples are “handbags” and “shoes”.


These are longer, more precise search phrases used to look for specific products. They have less competition but a high conversion rate. They are called purchase/transactional intent keywords – they are the keywords that customers use to search for products with an intention to purchase them. These keywords contain promotional words like “free”, “sale”, “discount”, “coupon”, and “buy”. For example, “women’s workout shoes on sale”.

Goals Of Keyword Research

  • To know which keywords customers are using to search for a product
  • To know the search volumes of the keywords
  • To find out the relevant keywords that can be used in the website

Benefits Of Keyword Research

  • The topmost keywords indicate the most talked-about topics in your niche, which you can use to create relevant content for your website, write accurate product descriptions, and in turn, increase your reach
  • Monitoring keywords that are working for your business can help you to understand the demographics of your customers and customize your marketing plan accordingly

Tips To Find Relevant Keywords

  • Look for keywords used in your niche
  • Look for trending and seasonal keywords
  • Look for keywords that are most searched and have less competition
  • Look for the keywords that your target audience is using the most
  • Check Amazon and Google for the most used search phrases. Type in the keyword that accurately describes your product and you will see the top search phrases for it.

Places To Use Keywords On An Ecommerce Website


The homepage is one of the most viewed pages of your website. Use your keyword in the page’s title tag, meta description, and content.

Product Descriptions

To make your keyword more precise, use your product’s ingredients or materials in it. Use the keyword once each in the URL of the product page, the title of the description, and the alt image tag, and 1-2 times in the body copy.

Category Pages

These are the most important landing pages of your websites and the main entrance points for your visitors. Make sure that the content and the keywords of these pages are unique to that of the homepage of the website so that the keywords don’t compete with each other.

“About Us” Page

Use this page to tell your company’s story. Use the words that describe your services as keywords. Use the keywords in long-tail and to improve the page’s discoverability add words like “how to” and “where is”, which are used by people while searching for businesses.

FAQs Page

Gather the kind of information that your customers look for the most about your products. Find out the keywords that they use the most while looking for your products. Use the keywords in the description and title meta tags. Tell users what to expect on the page in the meta title, summarize the content of the page in the descriptions, and describe the topic of the page using meta keywords. Ensure that there is no duplication of content.