Tips To Create A Post-Purchase “Thank You” Page For Your Ecommerce Website

Your relationship with your customers does not end after they have purchased your product. Your website’s post-purchase “thank you” page is an opportunity for you to convert your recent purchasers into loyal customers. You can not only use it to confirm transactions and thank your customers for shopping with you, but also to establish a long-term relationship with them.

Essential Elements Of A Post-Purchase “Thank You” Page

Feedback Survey

Customer feedback is important for the growth of your business. To increase your repeat purchase rates, you have to make sure that your customers’ purchase experience was satisfactory, and feedback surveys can help you to know that. Once your customers complete their purchases, ask them the following questions:

  • What brought them to your website
  • What they liked about your products
  • If they faced any difficulties during the purchase process
  • How they would like you to improve your website and products

Discounts/Coupon Code Links

Make the shopping experience sweeter for your customers by giving them an offer on their next purchase. Offer early-bird discounts for your upcoming launches or coupon codes for related products or on purchases within a particular amount. Put a time limit on the offer to instill a sense of urgency in your customers.

Links To Blog, Newsletter, And Social Media Pages

You can use these links to further strengthen your relationship with your customers. You have to give them a reason to follow your blog, newsletter, and social media pages. Let them know what to expect from each of them, whether it is information on your latest launches and offers, upcoming events in your industry or company, etc.

Social Sharing Links

Leverage your happy customers to improve your word-of-mouth and business for free. Allow them to share your website’s link with their family and friends through social media. Social sharing can play a huge role in increasing your leads as people trust their family members and friends when it comes to choosing brands to shop with.

Referral Program Link

A referral program is another way of using word-of-mouth to generate leads. You can ask your customers to refer your brand to others and incentivise both the referrer and the referee with joint coupon codes, discounts, or free samples of your upcoming products. You can also offer referrers an incentive for each reference.

Social Proof Links

Include links to testimonials from your past customers and clients along with those of your awards and certificates. This increases your credibility and in turn, your leads as people tend to trust companies with reputed certifications and endorsements from other customers.

Links To Recommended Products

Offer your customers an enhanced experience of using your products by giving them recommendations for related products. You can recommend an upgraded version of the same product or its accessory. Product recommendations can help you to know individual customer preferences, manage your inventory, and customise your marketing strategies better.

Links To Additional Useful Resources

Add links about your products that can save your customers the trouble of searching online for answers to their doubts. Include videos or documents about the unboxing and handling of the product they just bought. Also add its FAQs, specifications of its model, details of its accessories and attachments, and how to attach them and use them.

Do’s And Don’ts To Consider To Design A Post-Purchase “Thank You” Page


  • Confirm completion of transactions to eliminate the feeling of ambiguity from your customers’ minds
  • Thank your customers for shopping with you. Send them a video message to add a human touch and personalise it by addressing your customers by their names.
  • Ask customers to create an account on your website and incentivise them for it
  • Keep important content above the fold. Enable your customers to see your “thank you” message, offers, and calls to action without scrolling down the page.


  • Ask Your Customers To Take Multiple Actions: Asking your customers to take your survey, refer you, and follow you on social media all at once can overwhelm them. It could also result in them leaving the page without taking any of these actions. Only include one of these calls to action.
  • Clutter The Page: Keep the page’s design simple. Have fewer elements and pleasant colours. This also prevents your customers from feeling overwhelmed and makes your call-to-action and offers clearly visible.
  • Make Unrealistic Promises: Don’t promise your customers discounts, free samples, or anything else that you cannot offer them. This will result in them losing trust in you and you losing customers forever.