How To Write An Effective Ecommerce Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first email that you send to your customers after they subscribe to your mailing list. It plays a huge role in strengthening your relationship with your customers. It helps your customers to know what your business has to offer them and creates the first impression in their minds on you. It also helps you to get to know them and their preferences.

In this guide, we have given you a few tips to write an effective welcome email:

Craft An Engaging Subject Line

People receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis and tend to look at their subject lines to determine if an email is important. The content in the body copy doesn’t matter if the subject line is not effective enough to compel your subscribers to open the email. But remember to keep it short – long and detailed subject lines can put people off your email.

Avoid writing in all caps and using emojis, the dollar sign, the percentage sign, multiple exclamation points, and spam trigger words like buy, order now, click here, call now, limited time, urgent, etc. You can use phrases like “welcome to our family”, or just simple words like “hello” or “welcome”. You can also personalise the subject line for each subscriber by putting their name after these words.

Thank Your Subscribers

Start your email by showing gratitude to your subscribers for showing interest in your brand and joining your mailing list. This will humanize your brand, make your subscribers feel appreciated, and help to increase their loyalty towards your brand.

Introduce Yourself

Use your welcome email as an opportunity to introduce your business to your subscribers and build a connection with them. You can share a short history, mission, the USP, and the sustainability measures undertaken by the business to gain the trust of your subscribers.

Ask Your Subscribers To Whitelist You

Whitelisting an email address involves customers adding it to their address books or a “safe senders” list. This improves the deliverability rate of your emails. When your subscribers whitelist you, your emails land in their inbox folders instead of spam folders.

Offer Incentives To Purchase Your Products

Reward your subscribers for signing up for your emails. Offer them a coupon, a discount on their next order, or a free sample of your upcoming launch.

Talk About Your Bestsellers

Images have better retention than text. You can entice your subscribers into making a purchase by including a gallery of the bestselling items of your brand in your email. Include descriptions with the best features of the products, along with any ongoing offers on them or details of coupon codes that your subscribers can use to make a purchase.

Give A Tour Of Your Website

You can use the email to familiarise your subscribers with your website. You can provide details of the important sections of your website like discounts, seasonal offers, new arrivals, and the section where your customers can virtually try on your products.

Get To Know The Preferences Of Your Subscribers

Include a survey in the email to know what kind of content your subscribers would like to see from you and how often. Ask them if they would like to get alerts for your new arrivals, upcoming arrivals, seasonal offers, limited time offers, and clearance sales, and find out if they are interested in reading your newsletter. Allow them to set their own preferences for receiving these emails.

Encourage Your Subscribers To Follow You On Social Media

Social media provides multiple channels for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and to spread the word about them. With the introduction of the “Shops” features of Facebook and Instagram, these channels have also become a way for customers to shop. You can include links to your social media channels in your email to let your subscribers know of your social presence.

Add Testimonials

People are more likely to trust your product and brand when they see positive reviews for it from other people like them or endorsements from influencers. Get influencers or your past customers to create videos of their experience with your product and include them in the email.