How to Optimise Product Images to Boost Sales

Running an online store is quite similar to running a brick and mortar store as you need to cater to your customers’ need. However, there are certain things that are different. When you run an online store, you need to have a beautiful website which is given an utmost importance by most owners. But what most e-commerce stores overlook is the importance of having good product images. Paying heed to the quality of product images is extremely important as it has the capability to boost sales of your e-commerce business.

As human beings are instinctively drawn more towards visuals than text, product images are great tools for e-commerce businesses. In fact, a significant percentage of information gets transmitted to our brain through visuals as absorbing and processing meanings of the visuals require less effort. Here are some tips to optimise product images to boost sales:

• Focus on high-quality images

It’s important to invest on high-quality images as it represents your products the best. Optimising low-quality product images is futile as it won’t look visually appealing to your potential audience.

• The bigger the better

When it comes to product images, bigger images result in better conversions. When you provide high-quality bigger images, it allows you to have an effective zoom function and make it easier for your potential customers to see the products more clearly. You can resize this large image which is the base image to various image frames.

• Eliminate background

Removing the background i.e., putting the product images on white background results in better conversion rate as it give a professional look. When you remove the background, it looks clean and makes the images pop out.

• Provide multiple product photos

While doing online purchase, product images play a crucial role as the customers couldn’t touch the products physically. The best way to make your customers have a feel of the products is offering multiple product photos from different angles.

• Reduce size of the files

As customers want the product photos to load quickly, it important to have file size that is small. But it should be noted that file size and image size are both different things. Image size is the size of the photo in terms of height and width. Whereas file size is the amount of space an image takes in terms of bytes. As larger images take more space, you need to compress the file size so that loading times get reduced.

• Put appropriate names for the file

In order to rank better in search engine results, having appropriate file names of the product images is an important factor. Make sure not to use the default file name given by the camera while using it for your website. Your online store’s website analytics can help in getting common phrasing pattern for the file names.

• Set up alt tags

The text alternative to the product images that describes the photo is alt tag. Though it sounds technical, but one who designs your website makes it easy to add alt tags. Though you can use keywords in the alt tags, it’s not that necessary. Getting your website professionally designed is vital in this competitive business world.

Though product image optimising results may take time, making the necessary changes is important. So, what are you waiting for! If you have not optimised your product images till now, do it soon. Revalsys Technologies can help you in getting a professionally designed website with the images optimised to make better your e-commerce business.