Email Optimisation – How to Send Promotional and Transactional Emails that Convert

Email Optimisation – How to Send Promotional and Transactional Emails that Convert

Email marketing is still one of the powerful marketing strategies that help business in many ways. Emails are not only a great way to communicate with the customers but also a wonderful way to generate leads. In order to generate more leads from your email marketing campaign, you have to make your target customers open the emails and click on them. Increasing open rates and click-through-rates provides more opportunities to convert the receivers into leads. You need to send optimised emails so that it converts.




In e-commerce, there are mainly two types of emails—promotional emails and transactional emails. Promotional emails are those emails which are strategically sent to promote a specific campaign. Primarily, such emails are designed to encourage sales from previous or potential customers.

Transactional emails are those emails which are triggered keeping in mind the visitor’s interaction with your products or with your website. Transactional emails can be used to encourage sales as well as engagement. As each website is different, so as their transactions. However, some common examples of transactional emails may include:

  • Account verification
  • Password recovery
  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping notifications
  • Receipts
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Order cancellations and refunds


To re-activate inactive users, transactional emails are also used.

Transactional and promotional emails perform differently and serve their own purpose. On average, the transactional emails offer better results than promotional emails which are also known as marketing emails, bulk emails etc. Due to the fact that transactional emails are more personal, they tend to perform better in terms of increased engagement and improved deliverability.

To re-activate inactive users, transactional emails are also used


Here are a few tips to optimise promotional and transactional emails:

Optimal Deliverability

The best timing to send emails matter a lot. However, there is no easy answer regarding the best timing. Relying on best practices may not work for you. So, it’s necessary that you test different times and days and find out what works for you.


Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is important to send the right email to the right person. Try to segment a visitor as early as possible, ideally when the visitor subscribes or sign-up. To further segment, you can use other information and click data. Even the slightest piece of information about the visitors can really make a difference. The more refined the email segmentation, better the result of email marketing.


Brand It

Brand identity is important in emails, as well. Make sure to include your brand’s name and logo in each transactional email you send. When the customers receive your email, they should immediately know who the sender of the email is.

Brand identity is important in emails, as well.


Navigation Menu

You should allow the receiver of the emails to navigate to your website directly from the email. Adding a navigation menu provides the receivers to have a quick glance at your offerings.


Include Images

Including images of the products the customers have purchased may seem unnecessary but it’s relevant as they should know what they have purchased. However, you can promote cross-sales by including images of related products. Doing so might lead to more sales.

promote cross-sales by including images of related products



Customers are very much excited to know when they would receive the ordered products. Make sure to include a call-to-action to track the order along with the transactional email. In case of promotional emails, make sure be clear about the CTA and add the one which is relevant.


Offer thanks

In case of transactional emails, make sure to thank the customers for the purchases they have made. You can show appreciation by offering discounts on their next purchase.

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