10 Best Tips to Make your Emails get Better Responses

10 Best Tips to Make your Emails get Better Responses

Writing emails that get responses is quite an incredible task, but what makes an email to get response is difficult to determine. You can’t always expect to get a response as soon as you click the send button. Some of the emails you have sent may get responded but some may not.

Email marketers are trying to find out the causes of low response rate and are constantly looking for ways to increase the same. Due to low response rates, email campaigns of any business cannot see the face of success. If your business is facing problems due to low response rates of emails, adopting the below mentioned points may prove to be helpful.

  • email-internet-pngPersonalised emails: Personalised emails can really make a big difference in regards to response rates. If you have data of the people you will be sending emails, personalisation of the recipient name can really boost the success rate of responses.
  • Find the best time: Timing is one of the prime factors to get better responses. In order to make email marketing successful with better response rates, you should find out the right time to send emails. You can use your own data or other analytics tools to find out the best time and optimise your email marketing campaign.
  • Proofread: If you want your emails to be perfect and professional, make sure to proofread the content properly. Emails with spelling errors, bad grammar, wrong punctuations and other issues can cost you big deals, and readers tend to delete such emails as soon as they open it.
  • Use the right language: You should make sure that the content of the emails provide value using the right language. Be it a marketing message or customer service message, the tone of the language should always remain professional. People don’t like responding to emails that are not professional and don’t provide any value.
  • Don’t write long emails: Make sure that the email’s content is short and focus on important things. But don’t make it too short. If required you can add more words making sure that the flow of the content attracts the reader’s attention.
  • Make use of bullet points: As people like to quickly scan email content, bullet points should be used for important information. It looks more effective and professional, and provides better chance of getting response.
  • Use short but strong subject line: Subject line plays a vital role open in terms of response rate. Emails with short but strong subject line have a better impact as people open such emails and response to it. The subject line should clearly state what the receiver can expect from the mail.
  • Use custom template: With lots of templates available, you can make use of professional template, that too custom made. It helps in providing consistency with your marketing efforts and lends a sense of trust.
  • Mobile friendly email: With people using internet on mobile devices, it has become a common practice to open emails on smart phones, tablets etc. You should make sure that emails get opened on such devices and provide you a better chance of receiving responses.
  • Call-to-action: The response rate of your emails can be enhanced by using call-to-action button. It will redirect the recipients to the place you want them to visit and urge them to reply.

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