Ways to Coordinate Jewellery with your Outfit

Jewellery is something that adds life to your attire, completes your look and makes you look better. Though your wardrobe may be full of clothes, like any woman you feel like having nothing to wear when there is any occasion. Deciding what to wear, choosing jewellery that complements your look, when to which outfit etc. is can be a difficult affair. The outfit you wear makes a statement about your personality. Wearing the right jewellery with the right outfit is what creates the magic.

• Choose jewellery according to the occasion
The jewellery that you wear to your office wouldn’t be the same as you wear for an evening party. If your work requires the use of laptop more, it’s better to avoid dangling wrist jewellery. While choosing the jewellery based on your outfit, consider the place you’re going and what you’ll be doing there.

• Simple jewellery with complex patterns go well
Taking into consideration the outfit as well as the material of the outfit while stepping out from your house is quite important if you want to feel comfortable and look good. If you’re wearing attire with ruffled fabric or have heavy designs, it’s better to wear simple jewellery that complements the outfit.

• Gemstones and semi-precious stones
Birthstones symbolises different things and make an interesting addition to your look. While keeping things personal, jewellery with birthstone add a dash of colour to your everyday look. You can wear a chunky bracelet embellished with your birthstone with a pair of jeans with a plain top or with a plain dress.

• Coloured gemstones go well with an evening gown
Want to add colour to your look? Coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc. are perfect to be paired with a gown for your evening parties. You can match the colour of the gemstone with your outfit for a more vibrant look or keep things simple and elegant with a neutral colour. Choose the colour of the metal that complements your outfit.

• Wear the right amount
Keeping jewellery to the minimum can make you look even beautiful. If you choose an off-shoulder gown for special occasions such as wedding receptions, cocktail parties etc., pairing your gown with an elegant choker can make you stand out. Wearing kundan earrings along with the necklace destroy your look. A simple stud is enough to complete your look.

• Gold and black with plain dress
Confused what to wear for a cocktail party? Wearing gold and black jewellery can make powerful fashion statements. Your bright gold jewellery is just perfect for a plain black dress for the cocktail party. Or you can wear your black jewellery with bright coloured plain outfits.

• Diamonds will always be your best friend
The charm of diamond jewellery is incomparable for the reasons best known to all. You can club diamond jewellery with different outfits as it goes well with anything. When you have a pair of classic diamond studs or a simple diamond bracelet, you can wear them with different outfits and in different occasions. You’re sure to stand out wherever you go wearing a piece of diamond jewellery.

These are a few tips that can help you coordinate jewellery with your outfit. However, you can always try different styles and wear different jewellery. Be confident whatever you wear. Without confidence, you won’t standout whatever coordinated jewellery you wear.