Tips to Turn Returns into New Sales

In the retail space, product return is a fact which you can’t ignore though returns are the last thing the retailers expect. Customers return a product due to a variety of reasons and product quality has nothing to do with returns every time.

Ways to Convert Returns into New Sales

Simple customer service skills can help a lot in turning returns into new sales and avoid refunds. Here’s is how you can convert the inconvenient returns into exchanges in order to avoid returns:

• Show genuine empathy
One of the most effective ways to maintain a positive experience with the customers is to show genuine empathy. Along with focusing on solving the problem, you should also focus on making sure that you really care for your customers. Make sure you don’t just apologise but also let the customers know why you are sorry about.

• Listen
You should begin the return process by listening to your customers properly. Doing this lets the customers be assured that you actually care about your customers’ concern and you get to understand the needs of the shoppers. Once you get to know the reason of the returns, offer solutions to solve the problems.

• Offer suggestions
After getting to know the reason for the return, you can offer suggestions to your customers. You can offer alternative to your customers and make sure to mention the benefits of the alternative you have provided. It’s another opportunity for you to sell, not just a return.

• Cross-sell and Up-sell
If you’re not able to make a sale, it’s not just over. You can offer your customers gift cards rather than making a refund of the money. And if they want a refund of the money, make the refund at the earliest and let them know about special offers etc.

• Clearly outline your return policies
When it comes to returns, make sure to be very clear about the return policy. Customers should be well aware of the products that can be returned, products that cannot be returned, the time frame for accepting returns, who is responsible for the return shipping fee etc. Then only you can retain your existing customers so that you can turn them to loyal ones.

• Make returns convenient
Avoid making the process of return complicated. If the process is an easy one, customers find it convenient to make returns whatever may be the reason for the return is. When you do so, the customer won’t stop buying from you. Inconvenient return process can make you lose customers as they won’t think twice to switch to other stores.