Should Chatbots Be Implemented In E-commerce Sites

As customers are keen discovering and buying stuff online, chatbots are becoming a vital part of e-commerce. Chatbots allow companies to connect with their customers on any device anytime and at any point during their shopping journey. The constant availability that chatbots offer helps companies build the trust of customers and make higher the conversion rate.

How do a Chatbot work?
A chatbot is an automated computer program that simulates conversation and provides answers to queries. There are two different types of chatbots that are available for use:

  • One is based on pre-written scripts that function on a set of rules
  • The other uses machine learning that mimics human conversation.

Some companies offer voice-activated AI (Artificial Intelligence) that responds to the voice of the users, while some go for visual AI.

Basically, chatbots are parts of the wider transition of businesses to automated processes that are taking customer support service to a new level. And of course, the ultimate goal is to provide better shopping experiences to the customers and provide effective interaction with the customers. It’s a great way for brands to be more proactive, personal and streamlined.

Chatbot and E-commerce
Chatbot helps e-commerce companies handle interactions with customers and simulates the shopping that customers get in a retail store. In fact, it is a chance for e-commerce store to get in touch with its customers so that they could grow their business significantly.

Though chatbots are here quite some time, the capacity to learn and improve has made it a game changer.

The shifting preferences and expectation of the customers is one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in the demand of chatbots. Customers expect quick responses and want their purchases to be a smooth one. In addition, the proliferation of mobile commerce, online stores need to accommodate a large volume of traffic.

Here, chatbots come as a saviour as it allows them to attract their customers in a personalised way.

Behind the best chatbots, AI is at the core and it can process a large flow of information from a vast number of requests. It provides meaningful responses, product recommendations and product comparisons, as well.

Without a doubt, it can be said that data is the key to the evolution of chatbots and it is growing at such a pace that you can’t even imagine. You can empower the chatbots to offer correct answers and stay on top of new requests by feeding the algorithm with lots of data. Investing in chatbots will make your e-commerce business prosper and grow.

Limitations of a Chatbot
However, it should be kept in mind that chatbots are not one size fit all option. To understand the needs of the customer and to provide a proper response, it should be used in the right context. User experience should be the axis around which chatbots should be developed and should be integrated into the framework of e-commerce backend deeply.

And due to its lack of ability to empathise properly, sometimes customers may simply get bored of interacting with bots. So, it’s important for e-commerce companies to a have a real representative who can jump in whenever necessary. It should be educated and maintained by humans. However, the benefits chatbots provide overshadow the limitations and make this powerful automation tool a vital part of multichannel chat strategy.

With efficient and quicker faster information delivery, the chatbot that resides on messaging platforms is changing the face of the e-commerce industry. However, just having an existence will not suffice, it must contribute actively and take conversational commerce to a next level.