Seven Effective Ways To Improve Mobile App Visibility

You have come up with a great idea for your mobile application, hired a top developer to bring it to life, and decided on a target audience for it. However, although these are very important steps in the process of mobile app development, your efforts should not end there. You have to also make sure that it gets discovered by as many of your potential users as possible.

In this article we have listed a few ways for you to increase your mobile app’s visibility:

Optimise The App For App Stores

To submit your app to an app store, you need to optimise different sections of the app like its name, title, and URL, keywords, and description.

To come up with relevant keywords, ask your current customers which keywords they use while looking for similar apps as yours, think about which keywords your potential customers would use, and make a list of your goals.

Your potential users will use your app’s title to search for it on app stores – make it memorable and unique to make sure it appears at the top of the search results. The description of your app is an area where Google looks for keywords to rank your app. However, you must remember to not stuff your description with keywords.

Create A Website

Your website can serve as a one-stop-shop for all the credible information related to your app. Include your contact information, a link to download your app, past user testimonials and ratings, media coverage, awards and accolades, etc. on the website. Having a good website can also save you costs for advertising space in multiple media like TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, etc.

Tie Up With Bloggers And Influencers

Exposure increases for your app when it is endorsed by credible personalities. Bloggers and influencers are people who have expertise and credibility in specific areas, and most people make purchases based on their recommendations. You can get bloggers and influencers to use your app and share their experiences, which will widen its reach.

Encourage Users To Post Ratings And Reviews

The better the ratings of your app are on app stores, the higher it will rank on them. To improve its rank, you can send your satisfied users alerts asking them to rate your app on app stores after they take actions like purchases or subscriptions.

Issue A Press Release

The timing and the content of a press release play a very important role in its success. Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day. When you send your press release too early, it gets forgotten quickly. On the other hand, if you send it too long after it is launched, it will not get enough media coverage.

Your press release should talk about the purpose of your app, describe its features, its target audience, and why it stands out from similar apps. Make the press release scannable because your potential users could be reading it on the go on mobile devices. Think about what your users would want to learn about your app and list out its most important features in bullet points. Include a link to download the app, images/screenshots to describe its features, past user testimonials, your company information, your website’s link, and your contact information along with your press release.

Apply For Awards

You can get your potential users to trust your brand and your app by winning prestigious awards. Being nominated alongside prestigious names in your industry and winning awards gives you more publicity and press and positions you as the best in your industry. This results in more downloads for your app. When you win an award, you can spread the word about it through your social media channels, website, and advertisements to increase exposure for your brand.

Monitor Competitor Apps

The industry of mobile apps is a highly competitive one. In order to stand out, it is important that your app provides its users a unique experience. Create a list of your top competitors and conduct an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, price, features, user reviews, testimonials, app store ratings, and marketing strategies of their apps. Identify all the factors that make your app unique from your competitors and design your marketing campaigns around them.

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