Mobile Marketing – Essentials of Getting Right Into It

In today’s interacting marketing scenario, mobile marketing is gaining momentum rapidly. The adoption rate of mobile devices is getting higher at an incredible rate with each passing day. Mobile marketing offers direct communication with the consumers anywhere and anytime.

To enjoy the true benefits of mobile marketing, marketers need to pay heed to certain aspects which will help in deepening their relationship wither customers and thus grow their businesses. Here are some essential elements that you need to consider in your mobile marketing strategy:

• Know your customers
The best thing you can do to predict the future events of users is to know their past purchasing behaviour, the products they have searched for, the places they have been etc. Mobile data offers you a wonderful opportunity to know about your customers in regards to location, customer behaviour and shopping history. When you know your customers, you can customise interactions to such an extent that it makes them happy.

• Focus on invitation rather than interruption
You should serve your customers well before you sell. Even a loyal customer will delete an app if they find the app is focussed more on the business rather than the customers’ need. Interruptive advertising is accepted less on mobiles by the consumers. You need to have a unique approach and offer customer-centric service.

• Use precise targeting
When you say the same thing to all, your customers will likely to tune you out. Delighting your customers by personalising their shopping experiences and providing compelling offers on products is one of the best things you can do. When you reach the right people at the right time with the right personalised message, your consumer will feel that you really care for them. The importance of tailoring mobile marketing efforts is very much felt in this digital and interconnected world.

• Communicate across multiple screens
Mobile users don’t stick to one device; they jump from smartphones to tablets to smartwatches. Keeping in mind the limitations of screen size along with the user content, you should see what type of experiences your potential customers or customers want.

• Put emphasis on relationships, not transactions
Mobile marketing is all about establishing a relationship with consumers. You work doesn’t end with just making the consumers download your app or making them visit your online portal once. You need to establish a relationship by making them use the app frequently by letting them know when there is a sale, price drop of products they have searched etc. You need to provide exceptional service.

• Keep messages short
When it comes to marketing through text messages, make sure you keep the message short and compelling. People don’t like to read long messages. Timing is also important; a consumer will open your message and go through it when you sent it at the right time.

Unlike any other marketing channel, mobile devices allow you to reach your potential audience in real time and that too in a personal way. Almost all groups of people and businesses engage with mobile one way or the other. You can unlock the opportunities and engage a huge audience with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing should be central to each aspect of your marketing efforts.