Instagram sales: Captivate your consumers with your brand

With around one billion active monthly users, Instagram has come a long way since its inception in the year 2010. And in the year 2012, this visually focussed social media platform was purchased by Facebook. This platform has become a part of consumers’ daily lives serving both consumers and businesses.

Benefits of selling on Instagram

Businesses are finding ways to interact with the community on Instagram. If you’re into an eCommerce business and want to expand your reach and optimise the sales channel, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of selling on Instagram. With multiple features, Instagram serves as a wonderful tool for customer engagement and digital commerce success.

• Easy to target and re-target audience

The success of ads depends mainly on targeting the right audience. With the advanced targeting features Instagram offers, you can start targeting people who might be interested in your products or offerings. You can advertise to consumers based on their interests, behaviour, age, and location. You can even retarget the audience based on the email list of customers, Instagram post engagement, Instagram video views, and lots more.

• Creates customer engagement

To keep your audience interested in what you post and sell on Instagram, engagement is extremely important. According to reports, brand engagement on Instagram is much better than Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can engage your followers by uploading Instagram stories, images, and videos. Instagram posts when accompanied by relevant captions can attract your followers to a great extent.

• Build brand awareness

An ideal platform for demonstrating brand vision, goals, and accomplishments, your brand can gain brand awareness among your potential audience. According to a survey, around 80% of Instagram users use this platform to research beforehand, discover new services and products, and make a purchasing decision. It’s a wonderful platform for businesses to share brand-focussed content as campaigns on Instagram can go viral overnight.

• Allow connecting with a new demographic

As per reports, a significant percentage of people can be reached through Instagram advertising and around 90% of users follow one business account at the least. Making better your Instagram marketing strategy is possible when you have knowledge of demographics. This in turn provides your more leads and sales. As Instagram boasts a variety of user base, using this platform as a marketing tool, no matter what age group you target, it can offer you numerous benefits.

• Lets you track

Tracking leads and sales through Instagram ads lets you know the ROI. This is one of the important benefits that this social media platform offers. It has the tracking facilities the same as Facebook. From link clicks to leads or conversion, you get to know the cost per result on any advertising campaign you run on Instagram. Having a good knowledge of how your money is spent and ROI you’re getting, you can take your steps carefully.

• Visual appeal

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is solely photo-centric. Photos and videos being the main elements of the posts and updates, it offers a visual appeal. The photos and videos may be accompanied by text which is not mandatory at all. As people remember more what they see rather than what they read, using this platform can definitely make your sales better.

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