How to Use Micro surveys to Improve Lead Generation

For most marketers, generating quality leads is one of the topmost priorities to make better their business. However, a significant percentage of marketers struggle with lead generation. Micro surveys are useful tools that help in making better lead generation.

What is a micro survey?

A micro survey is an easy, short survey that takes around five minutes to complete. Even the busiest of people will take part in this type of short activity as it a manageable amount of time and offer a quick break, as well.

For eCommerce business, micro surveys help marketers collect feedbacks or information from the users through polls or pop-up surveys that appear on the website. Users don’t have to spend much time to complete such a survey and can be done easily on mobile devices. Insights got from such surveys can be helpful in adding vital points to a report, offer a piece of quick information on the marketplace or create an effective strategy.

Micro surveys help you understand why your prospects are not converting.

What should you ask in micro surveys?

While doing micro surveys, you need to ensure that the questions you ask should determine the usefulness of the micro survey. Prepare questions that help you get useful insights of your customers, their behaviour on your website, their needs, doubts etc.

Tips for Preparing Micro Survey

  • Make sure not to use acronyms
  • Avoid use of negative phrases or words
  • Make use of consistent sentences
  • Keep the survey short and focussed
  • Define smart objectives
  • Make sure to personalise your survey
  • Ensure security of data
  • To give your micro surveys a competitive advantage, use keywords in your survey questions.
  •  Do test your survey


As the main objective of a micros survey is to know what your customers think about your products, services or brand so that you can address problems and streamline the effort you have put to generate leads.

Make sure that you don’t ask too many questions and create a micro survey that helps you generate important insights for the betterment of your business.