How eCommerce Brands can Enhance their Customer Experience Using Video

Customers are the most important part of a business whatever is the sector or industry type. At all stages of the business process, customers play a crucial role. Business strategies, goals, and marketing campaigns are created keeping in mind the preferences and needs of the customers.

In today’s online shopping scenario, customers want to see the products before making the purchase. Irresistible product descriptions, high-quality product images, and product reviews are something which you must have implemented on your online portal and have provided you positive results, as well. But by using an engaging product video, you can take the level of storytelling to the next level.

Ways to use video to enhance customer experience

The demand for video content is increasing rapidly. Customers are more likely to buy a product when they get to see how the product works or how it looks like. A highly-engaging marketing medium, video marketing can be used at each stage of the customers’ journey.

Here are some ways to use videos for better customer experience:

• Explainer videos before a sale

For every marketing strategy, explainer videos are quintessential part as it offers content regarding the product’s existence. It helps customers know about the products and can engage the customers, as well. It helps them to make an informed purchasing decision.

• Tutorial videos

When your products are innovative, you can use tutorial videos showing your potential customers how to use them. It helps them to understand how the product works, its features, and value. Static images cannot display the features properly, but a small video clip can do this effectively.

• Testimonial or review videos

Social proof is a great conversion tool as it acts as a powerful psychological trigger. And when this social proof comes in the form of videos, it becomes more effective. Seeing someone using a product, one gets the confidence to take purchase action as it helps in generating trust in the brand.

• Product manual or installation videos

People don’t like ready lengthy manuals anymore. When you provide the same thing in the form of a video, it can make them understand the installation process more easily.

• Interactive video ads

As video marketing is getting competitive, using interactive videos is an effective way to stand out in the crowd. According to a survey, an interactive ad can make higher customer engagement by 47% in comparison to non-interactive ones. You can insert clickable links on the videos that land the users on your website.

• Facebook and Instagram live

Going live on social media platforms is a great way to engage more customers. There is no need to pre-record video; just plan your message properly and go live. You can then share the video on other platforms such as YouTube. An incredibly interactive medium, live video can get your brand more followers.

Tips for making the best video marketing

When it comes to attracting more website traffic and converting them to customers, video content is highly effective. A beneficial marketing medium, creating high-converting videos for your eCommerce business requires work.

Here are some useful tips to create videos that increase your online sales:

• Know your audience

Before creating a video, it’s important that you conduct proper research on the concepts you have and know what your potential customers look for in a product. You can even ask your clients about the likes and dislikes about the products they have purchased.

• Set goals

Knowing what you want to achieve is an important part of a successful video marketing strategy. Whether you want direct sales, more subscribers or social shares, set your goals so that you achieve what you want.

• Make short videos

If you don’t want to distract your potential customers from the main point, keeping your videos short and clear is extremely important.

• Set your budget

When you set a budget for video marketing, you know exactly how much you can spend to create videos and expect a better ROI.

• Invest in high-quality

As an eCommerce store, your main goal is definitely increasing sales. Investing in high-quality video production is extremely worth.

• Include a CTA

You should make it clear what action your viewers need to take after watching the video. Including an actionable call-to-action at the end of the video will help in achieving the goals you have set.