Everything To Know About White Gold Jewellery

Catch the onlookers’ eyes with some exquisite pieces of white gold jewellery such as rings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces in any occasion. White gold jewellery is a popular choice among people who are looking for exotic as well as timeless look, be it for engagement, wedding or any other occassion. The brilliant, bright shine of white gold beautifully reflects the light and provides the sparkle in the diamonds, if the jewellery is studded with diamonds. Choose the right white gold jewellery with the right attire for the right occasion; you’ll definitely shine among the crowd.

What is white gold?

If you are going to buy white gold jewellery, it means the metal is made of pure gold mixed with metals such as silver, nickel, manganese, zinc or palladium. The presence of such metals in yellow gold provides the silvery-white colour. It is the alloy and the proportion used makes the difference in colour. Some white gold jewellery tends to be more whitish while some while has a yellow tint.

White Gold and Rhodium Plating

Since the alloys used in white gold jewellery tend to be more or less yellowish, white gold jewellery is also coated with another precious metal, rhodium. The rhodium coating covers the entire surface of the jewellery and disguises the yellow hue making it quite similar to platinum. Platinum and rhodium belong to the same metal family. Rhodium being reflective in nature, it provides the lustrous shine making it an ideal jewellery option for people these days. The rhodium plating used in white gold jewellery provides additional strength and durability.

The durability of white gold usually depends on the purity of the metal. Jewellery containing more percentage of gold tends to be softer than the ones having a higher percentage of the alloy metals. The rhodium plating also protects the actual gold from any kind of scratches.

White Gold Jewellery And Karat

You must be aware that the purity of yellow gold is measured in karats. The karat number of any gold jewellery, be it yellow, rose or white has the same meaning, regardless of the alloys used. If you have purchased a white gold necklace in 18 karat, it means the necklace has 75% yellow gold and the remaining 25% being the other metals.

Keeping White Gold Jewellery Shiny

You must have white gold jewellery in your jewellery collection and may have noticed that it has lost its shine when used regularly and this quite normal. The pH level of one’s body along with its contact with household chemical and toiletries is usually responsible for the jewellery losing is white sheen. Even environmental factors can influence the white gold losing its colour. You can keep your white gold jewellery brand new by doing rhodium re-platinum once in a couple of years.

Caring Your White Gold Jewellery

Like any other jewellery, white gold jewellery also needs proper care to ensure that your jewellery lasts longer. To help you out, here are a few tips for caring white gold jewellery.

  • While taking bath and sleeping, remove your white gold jewellery, be it finger ring or any other jewellery.
  • Before doing any hands-on or dirty task, remove your jewellery.
  • Avoid swimming wearing white gold jewellery as the rhodium plating can react with chlorine present in water.
  • Due to the possibility of the plating getting rubbed off, it is better to keep white gold jewellery separately.
  • You can clean your white gold jewellery regularly using a jewellery dip.
  • Instead of wearing white gold jewellery regularly, you can wear it on special occasion and be the centre of attraction.