Ecommerce Trends for Innerwear Portals in India

In this evolving online business scenario in India, innerwear has been quite under wraps previously. However, by now most of the online marketplaces have started selling inner wears and have gained to attract the attention of the users. This sector is one of the fastest growing eCommerce categories. Even Jockey India has also started selling innerwear through online mode, as well.

Key Trends

Trends are an important part of any business which keeps changing each year. However, some old trends may stay, new trends come in. Businesses need to keep following the trends in their industry to attain a market share in this competitive business environment.

Let’s check some eCommerce trends for innerwear portals:

• Personalisation

With technology and marketing platforms evolving at a fast pace, the shopping behaviour of the customers is also changing. The rise in internet users on mobile devices has made a lot of people in India from different sections of society shift towards online shopping. With personalisation at the centre of a marketing strategy, innerwear brands have started to provide its customers with a personalised experience. Personalisation helps the brand connect with their customers genuinely and entice them to shop from their online portal.

• Social media influencer marketing

Today, the world is far more connected than it used to be. All thanks to the internet for connecting people with one another. In India, the percentage of internet users has increased a lot in the past few years. Apart from doing traditional marketing to advertise their products, brands nowadays focus more on leveraging the benefits social media marketing offers. They have also started making experiential promotions using social media influencers.

As a lot of social media users have attained popularity, promoting your brand through these social media influencers can help in gaining the trust of your potential audience. When an influencer promotes your brand, your target audience gets influenced to use your products.

• Voice search

Voice assisted search has influenced the customers a lot these days. Customers have started to shift more towards voice search as it has simplified the way of searching for products on websites and apps. As customers prefer giving commands over voices rather than typing the product name, it increases the number of searches made. It helps your innerwear brand to make better sales and stay competitive.

• User-generated content

Online reviews from others are becoming more trustworthy to the eCommerce customers of India. This holds true for the customers of innerwear, as well. Positive user-generated content is proof that your company really cares for the customers. When you deliver what you promise, offer value and make your customers satisfied, they are sure to offer positive online reviews in the form of text, photos and videos. More reviews can make the SEO of your website more optimised and lead to more sales, as well. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing efforts which innerwear brands are using it to promote itself on different platforms.