Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples

There is no doubt that email marketing, the traditional marketing form is one of the best ways of marketing when it comes to drive ecommerce sales. Email marketing has been successful in standing the test of time but marketer needs to make sure that they implement the right strategies. The way of reaching out your potential audience changed with the changing interest of customers and trends.

Email marketing methods also need to go with the flow so that you can capture attention of your target audience and make them involve in actions you want them to do. When done in the right way, email marketing can turn to be a game changer by providing you the ultimate leads and make better your sales growth. It allows you to reach customers from anywhere and on any device. Make your customers know that you really value them through your emails.

Here are a few examples of best email marketing campaign that will let you have an insight of successful email campaigns.

• PayPal
The entire concept that PayPal used in this marketing campaign is very much impressive. Concise and clever use of content on the opening of the email makes the receiver think about the situation. Such situation might have happened with most of us when you go for dinner particularly with friends and go out of money. You need to just install the PayPal app and transfer the money; making transactions using it is very much easier.

Unarguably, one of the best payment processors, PayPal very creatively built a quality user engagement with this email marketing campaign. This simple but great strategy attracts more users to use PayPal to pay their bills and leave their contacts willingly.

• BuzzFeed
Popularly known for variety of things such as funny things, memes, entertainment, politics, technology etc., BuzzFeed adopt interesting ways of presenting their emails.

The subject line they created for this copy is very much interesting—simple short and straight to the point. When one sees such appealing subject line, you can’t help but open the email. And once you open it, the body content of the email is equally interesting. In fact, this is an awesome marketing strategy that attracts attention of their prospects at the first glance.

• Dropbox
A cloud storage solution company, Dropbox created an interesting way to reach people with the help of emails. You must be familiar that people like opening emails that come from a recognised organisation or brand. And sometimes, they even get sick of getting emails and newsletters from those brand.

Dropbox came up with a new idea to capture attention of their existing customers. In fact, it’s a kind of re-targeting their audience. The email contains a clear message that their customers are very much valuable and when they come back they can gain lots of benefits.

• Uber
Simplicity is what depicted in the emails of Uber. The brief initial description with clear call-to-action is pleasingly attractive. They make their email subscribers know about their offers and promotions by sending precise but clear message which is made more appealing with the use of bright colours and good design like their website, app, social media pictures etc.

• Cook Smarts
The yummy recipes in the form of meal plan that gets a place in the inbox of their potential customers every week is very impressive. The mails include three distinct sections—one for the menu, one contains kitchen how-to’s and the other contains some wonderful kitchen tips. The format they presented in the email is very captivating.