Web App Development Trends For 2021

A web app is a program/software that can be accessed on a web browser using the internet. Unlike mobile apps, web apps don’t need to be downloaded from an app store to be used. Web apps are easy to maintain as well.

The world of web app development is constantly evolving owing to factors like changing user preferences and evolution in technology. Given below is a list of the latest web app development trends that every developer must follow in order to ensure success for their web app:

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Chatbots are useful for any business in reducing human intervention and in turn the cost required for hiring manpower to perform different tasks. They help businesses to automate customer service and give business owners the time to focus on important tasks. Chatbots have been in use for many years. They have become part of the web development trends of this year and will continue to be for the next year.

AI-powered chatbots are the latest trend in web app development. They are equipped with voice recognition technology. They enable customers to record and send their queries instead of having to type them and provide them with instant solutions. They can be trained to answer FAQs and can be used to attend to customers from different time zones. They can collect customer data and feedback through surveys to provide personalized recommendations and improve customer experience.

Motion UI

Design can make or break the user experience of a web app. A good design provides the users of a web app with seamless navigation and also helps to attract more visitors to it. Motion UI makes a web app look attractive, makes its content dynamic, and helps users to know the results of their actions. Motion UI involves using animated and interactive elements like 3D objects, graphics, charts, etc. as visual cues for users.


Using video content is the quickest way to grab attention and convey a message. Videos are the most personalized way of communication. They help to humanize brands and win the trust of customers, and in turn, increase sales and profits. The retention rate of a video is higher than that of text – it is 95% for video and just 10% for text. 68% of consumers prefer to learn about products through videos over articles.

Single-Page Websites

The faster it takes users to get to a page, the more satisfied they will be with a website. It is important that users are able to find pages within websites with the least number of clicks. This is where single-page websites come in.

Single-page websites, as the name suggests, contain all the information on a single long, scrollable page. They are easy to develop and load quickly. Visitors will be able to access all the information without having to visit a different page or tab. This helps users to avoid the “back button fatigue” caused by repeatedly clicking the “back” button to go back to a website. Businesses also benefit from developing single-page websites as they save on the designing, development, and hosting costs that are required for regular websites.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are the biggest competition for native applications. They both work in a similar way, the only difference between them being that PWAs can also work without an internet connection. PWAs also offer the utmost security and can self-update. The page load speed of PWAs is up to ten times higher than that of regular mobile applications. PWAs need not be created in different versions to be compatible with different devices.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way of engaging users. They can be used to notify users about the latest updates, company news, product launches, and offers. They can also be used to alert users when they haven’t used the app in a long time or left without purchasing products. Users can simply subscribe to get notifications and don’t need to share sensitive information like their contact details.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a plugin that was developed by Google in collaboration with Twitter. AMP can be used to create pages that load quickly on different mobile devices. When the pages of a web app load quickly its bounce rate decreases and the user experience is enhanced. This increases the web app’s online search engine ranking and visibility.


Security is a major concern for web apps. The increasing reliance on technology, especially now during the global COVID19 pandemic, poses a huge risk to sensitive user information. Customers today need to be assured that the information that they share online is safe. Information security is on the mind of every web app developer, this year more than ever, as it is the basis of trust, and can make or break businesses.

Dark Mode For Websites

The dark mode features the content of a website against a dark background. The dark mode has multiple benefits for developers as well as users. It helps to reduce the strain caused on the eyes of users while viewing a website, especially in low-light areas or in the dark. It provides a website an edgy look by making its colorful elements stand out. The dark mode can make the most important parts of a website easily visible.