Tips To Write Ecommerce “About Us” Page Content

The “About Us” page is one of the most visited sections of a website. It is what your customers go through to decide whether they can trust your brand. People like to get to know in detail about the brands they shop with, and this page is an opportunity for you to build a strong relationship with them.

You make your first personal connection with your customer on your “About Us” page, and therefore it is important that you make it appealing. Here are some of the best practices to write an informative and appealing “About Us” page copy:

Narrate Your Story

Your “About Us” page is an opportunity for you to share your brand’s story. This is a very effective way to establish trust with your customers. Talking about your humble beginnings humanizes your brand and helps your customers to connect with you instantly. Share your story in short paragraphs, or a timeline along with pictures for easy readability and visual appeal.

Introduce Your Team

Every brand’s success story is written by its team. When you talk about your brand’s story, include that of the people who are a part of it. Give details of their industry experience, and highlight their contributions to your company. Make your team relatable – talk about their personal interests.

Share How You Can Be Of Help To Your Customers

Your “About Us” page is not just a place to talk about yourself. Use it to tell your customers why they can trust you. Customers will visit your website to know how you can help them and solve their problems, and you can answer that here.

Include Previous Customer Experiences And Feedback

Your results speak louder than your words. Along with what you have to offer your customers, add details of how it has benefitted your past customers. Talk in numbers – for example, “nearly 10 million people have benefitted from using our product”.

Have A Call-To-Action

Once you have captured your visitors’ interest in your brand, encourage them to take actions such as the following on another section of your website, and include links for the same:

  • Purchase your latest launch
  • Avail of a free sample of your upcoming launch
  • Get your latest discount or limited-time offer
  • Sign up for your newsletter or promotional emails

Talk About Your Business Model

People are attracted to businesses that share the same values as them. To gain your customers’ trust, talk about your inclusivity efforts or how your materials are responsibly sourced.

Include Your Contact Details

Your contact information is a small part of your website but an important part of your company’s information. It is useful for people to contact you with their complaints, feedback, or questions regarding your company, customer service, or products and their specifications, delivery, or payment. Including your contact details on your “About Us” page makes them easy to find.

Integrate Your Social Media Channels

People use social media channels to check product information and reviews, make purchases, and post their own reviews. These channels also not only facilitate communication between you and your customers but also help to speed it up. Customers expect instant replies to their queries – they are no longer willing to email you and wait for days for your reply, or call you and wait to be connected to the right person. Social media is an important part of your brand’s identity, and you must include links to your pages on your “About Us” page.

Add Shipping Details

Shipping is an essential part of ecommerce, and your shipping details must be included on your “About Us” page. Your customers will want to know which items they can return/exchange and in how much time. You should also include information about your shipping charges, locations, delivery duration, and cancellation policy, etc.

Display Your Awards

Awards help you to stand out from your competition. They boost the credibility of your brand, increase your customers’ trust, and make you their top choice. If you are an award-winning company, let your customers know about that in your “About Us” section. Include details of the most reputed awards you have won in the form of a timeline.

Make The Content Readable

Make sure not to elaborate too much about your brand’s story, team’s achievements, or technicalities of products. Your visitors’ online attention spans are very less – use your “About Us” page to tell them succinctly how you and your products can enhance their lives. Give appropriate spacing between words and lines, and use a legible font.

Keep Updating The Information

Keep your customers in the loop with the latest developments in your company by updating it on your “About Us” page. For example, when you open stores in new locations, expand your team, add new clients, expand your social media presence, or win new awards, add that information to the page. Observe your competitors’ pages to see what information they have included which you might have missed.