Tips to Improve Lead Database Quality

For any eCommerce business, leads are the driving force to take the business forward.

However, your business cannot thrive unless the leads get converted to buying customers who eventually become your loyal customers. The way you manage your leads should be organised as well as methodical.

And if you want to maximise the benefits of marketing automation, you need to maintain a good lead database.

Helpful Tips
The better is the lead quality, the better is your lead conversion to new customers. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a good database quality and have increase lead conversion. Here are some tips to make better your lead database quality:

• Using email form fields
As an email form field display the email address provided, it’s an effective place to get valuable insights. To hide its true identity, your competitors may use a private address and vendors may use blacklisted addresses. If this happens to you on a regular basis, make sure to block them so that are unable to submit forms. You can find them by comparing their email domains to a free list of spammy email providers against your own list of providers.

• Make use of additional form fields
People can do different things to submit a form on your website for different reasons. No doubt safeguards like CAPTCHA field is a good idea to deal such people, there are far more effective ways such as information relevant to the industry, the size of the company, geographical location etc. can be used to better understand the person filling the form.

• The power of smart list
You can make use of a smart list to find out and keep track of the poor leads in your database. To clean and maintain a larger database, this method is very effective.

• Doing email marketing review
Every eCommerce business wants prospective customers that engage with their content in a positive way so that it benefits the business as well as the customers. However, the potential customers may unsubscribe them by clicking on the original email sent by them. When you keep a track on the links that are clicked, you can get information to identify the leads that are unsubscribing you. You can then create a list of such leads and review the list to decide which leads are useful and which are not.