Sales Promotion Ideas For Your Ecommerce Business

There are very few things that customers like more than offers. Ecommerce is a competitive place, and promotional offers, when done right, play a very important part in customer retention.

In this article we have listed some of the most popular sales promotion ideas, along with tips to use them for your ecommerce business:

Free Product Samples

It is very important for your business to build trust in your customers and make them feel appreciated. You can achieve this by offering them free samples of your products. People love getting things for free. It is also a low-cost way for you to increase visibility for your products, give your customers a sneak peek into your business, and increase your business by word-of-mouth.

When your customers make their first purchase, you can send them a complimentary sample of your upcoming launch or of a product that is going out of stock soon.

Offers As Incentives For Reviews

Offering incentives is the best way to get your customers to provide reviews for your products. You can offer customers discounts or coupons on their orders. However, you have to decide whether you want to offer discounts on one or a few of the products that they purchase or on all of them. And you must remember to give them their discount regardless of whether their review is positive or negative.

Discount On The First Purchase

You can make the shopping experience of your new visitors better and convert them into long-time customers by offering them a discount on their first purchase. You can offer this as a reward to people who have come to your business through your mailing list or referrals.

First Purchase Anniversary Discounts

Everybody loves celebrating anniversaries and being made to feel special on those days. Appreciate your customers for their loyalty by celebrating their first purchase anniversary, and offer them a discount on that day. And to strengthen your bond even more with them, repeat the offer on the 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, and so on.

Personal Anniversary Discounts

Establish an intimate relationship with your customers by celebrating their milestones such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries with discounts. This personal touch not only makes them feel valued but also encourages them to refer you to their friends and family.

Social Media Engagement Discounts

Having a social media presence and getting followers and engagements is very important for businesses of all kinds and sizes today. Social media channels play a key role in spreading word-of-mouth about businesses. And with the launch of the “Shops” feature of Facebook and Instagram, they have also become an important part of customers’ shopping experience and have an important part to play in increasing the profits of businesses.

You can show your appreciation for customers with the highest number of engagements and shares on your posts by offering them discounts.

Referral Discounts

A referral discount is offered to your customers who refer their family and friends to your business. It is an easy way for you to increase your leads and profits. Referrals are an indication of the loyalty of your current customers, and you can reward them for it through discounts. You can give discounts to both the referrer and the referee, and give additional discounts to the referrers for each referral.

Pre-Order Discounts

This type of discount guarantees you sales prior to the launch of your product. Knowing that they will be getting an exclusive look at your product can make your customers feel special and add to their excitement about the product.

Every customer likes to be the first one to get their hands on a product and you can use it to your benefit by offering discounts to the first few customers to pre-book your products. This also eliminates the need to wait and the feeling of uncertainty of getting a product in customers and increases their satisfaction.

Re-Engagement Discounts

Your business will have customers who have shopped with you once and became inactive after that. You can try to win them back with this discount. You can send them emails or messages to let them know that they are still important to you. You can entice them back by letting them know about an ongoing sale or offering a special discount on one of your products.

Deal Of The Day

This is the most popular type of discount and the one that every customer keeps looking out for. This discount lasts for 24 hours and is offered on a different product every day. You can use this discount to build excitement in your customers for each day and keep them hooked on to your business.

Unofficial Holiday Discounts

You can use special days like Father’s/Mother’s/Sibling’s/Valentine’s/Friendship Day, Doughnut Day, Pizza Day, etc. to offer discounts on relevant products. They are all gifting days, and you can use them as opportunities to attract customers to your business.

Support Charities

Customers support businesses that give back to charities when they shop with them. Donate your product for every item that has been purchased. This is a great way to give back to society and increase your customers’ trust in you. You can also get your customers involved in the process and ask them which charities they would like you to donate to.