Jewellery Trends to Follow This Wedding Season

Wedding is one of the most important journeys of a woman’s life. She starts this journey adorned with beautiful ornaments that go with the different occasion of the wedding festivities. Coordinating colour that goes well with your partner’s outfit is an interesting way to add a spark to your wedding look. You can use your dream design, colours and creativity to create something exclusive. Pair your wedding outfit with the exquisite jewellery to make your wedding a personalised affair that is close to your heart and unique, as well.

Shopping for wedding jewellery is not an easy task as it seems to be. You can follow the latest trends while shopping for your wedding jewellery. Here are some jewellery trends that you can follow this wedding season to look beautiful and elegant:

• Multi-layer necklace
Of the entire bridal ensemble, the bride’s necklace is the most attention seeking element which accentuates the overall beauty of the bride. A well-crafted and exquisite multi-layer necklace can offer you a completely traditional look and allows you to mix and match with different elements, as well and makes you more confident. So, instead of wearing shackles of bridal sets on your wedding day, wearing a multi-layered necklace can enhance your entire bridal look.

• Choker
If you want to look a bit extravagant, adding a choker to your bridal jewellery is a wise decision. You can wear a choker along with a layered necklace Bridal choker can make a glamorous statement as you celebrate the most important day of your life. Beautiful chokers in gold embellished with precious stones look extremely beautiful which can be paired with a wedding lehenga and saree.

• Earrings
A pair of bridal earrings is an important part of bridal trousseau as it adds oomph to your look. When you smile at your loved ones or bow your head for your wedding rituals, your earrings become more prominent. You can go for an exquisite kundan gold earring or a pair of gold jhumka earrings embellished with gemstones can make your wedding look extremely awesome. However, your bridal earrings should match your necklace and complement your outfit.

• Maang Tikka
Your bridal look will remain incomplete without a maang tikka adorning your forehead. Available in different designs and forms, you can wear the one as per your forehead and look. Matha pati is an upgraded version of maang tika that has embellished chain on both the sides. Matha pati looks absolutely stunning if you have a broad forehead and is in trend these days. Without a doubt, a maang tikka or a matha pati is an absolutely must for a bride.

• Waistband or Kamarbandh
An enchanting piece of wedding jewellery, kamarbandh has been trending these days. Encircling the waist, kamarbandh comes in different designs and varying length. A gorgeous kamarbandh highlights different bridal attire, be it a lehenga or a saree.

• Haath Phool
The traditional haath phool is making a comeback but with a bit different look. For this wedding season, gold with pearls, delicate filigree gold and antique motifs are some of the lovely combinations from which you can choose for your D-day. Wearing the one that matches the rest of your jewellery will enhance your bridal look.

• Statement Finger Ring
Rings are important part of wedding jewellery and antique rings have been favourites of the brides these days. A gold ring studded with a pearl or diamond at the centre embellished with small gemstones around or vice-versa makes a bride definitely stand out. Such rings go well with different bridal attires and add sparkle to your wedding look.

• Nose Ring
Nose ring or nath is one of the most beautiful facial highlight of every Indian bride. A nose ring, be it a simple or a gorgeous is the perfect piece of jewellery to complete your wedding look. Don’t have a piercing? Worry not! You don’t have to get your nose pierced to wear a nose ring on your wedding day. Be the stunner wearing a clip nose ring available these days for the brides these days.

• Anklets
An appealing piece of jewellery, anklets has been favourites of almost every Indian bride. It adds magic to your delicate feet when paired with toes rings. Based on your bridal ensemble, choose the one that suits your feet beautified with mehendi.