How to obtain competitive advantage using technology

In today’s digital economy, investing in technology can help medium and small-sized businesses gain the competitive advantage which they need seriously. And this technology is none other than cloud computing, which you all must be aware of. The process that helps businesses to access software or infrastructure through the internet is referred to as cloud computing. Cloud computing is no longer a buzz word, in fact it is very much helpful for small and medium-sized enterprises as it has enabled such organisations to get access to similar enterprise data systems as larger organisations.

With the changing business environment, it has become necessary for employees to get access to information anywhere and anytime. Using cloud infrastructure services is a great way to enhance your business. Here are some benefits of using cloud infrastructure services with which you can gain a competitive advantage:

• Reduces cost
If you’re thinking that switching over to cloud computing to be an expensive affair, you are not the only one. Many organisations are concerned about the initial cost associated with cloud infrastructure services. But instead of worrying about the cost associated it, it’s important that you consider the return on investment (ROI). Moreover, you don’t have to worry about paying for the features you don’t use.

The most important thing about cloud computing is that your data gets backed up in the cloud in one or more than one servers located outside your office. It reduces the cost associated with having the whole set-up at the office and the number of people you have to deploy to manage the entire thing. It lowers the number of IT issues that your IT department has to handle that saves whole lot of time and money.

• Secure
As security is the prime concern for organisations while going for cloud infrastructure services, you can remain assured that cloud computing is very much secure. The host of cloud infrastructure services has a full-fledged team to ensure security. With cloud services, you can even eliminate the issue of the internal data breach which is quite common in a conventional in-house system.

• Provides mobility
To make work convenient for sales people, employees working from home and employees while travelling, cloud computing gives access to corporate data via mobile devices such as smatphones, tablets etc. This is a great way to make better your business as no work gets affected with non-availability of information.

• Offers flexibility
In comparison to hosting on a local server, cloud services offer more flexibility in terms of extra bandwidth, data storage etc. Moreover, you don’t have to devote your time and resources on your in-house IT infrastructure allowing you to concentrate on achieving your business goals.

• Increases collaboration
As collaboration of employees in an organisation is very necessary for successful teamwork, cloud services make it happen as team members can share information easily and securely across the cloud platform. Employee engagement also becomes good with cloud computing.

• Consistency
As all the data is stored in a single place, maintaining consistency in data is possible with cloud services. If any update or revision is done by any employee of the organisation, it has a clear record of it so that it doesn’t lead to any confusion. All employees will access the same information with cloud service.

Though there are a number of benefits associated with cloud infrastructure services, choosing the right service provider matters the most if you want to enjoy the benefits of this technology to the fullest. Make sure that you choose the one that is compatible with any heterogeneous environment, scalable and is economic, as well. You can find all these important qualities in the cloud infrastructure services offered by Revalsys Technologies.

The services included in Revalsys’ cloud infrastructure services are stated below:

• Web Hosting
As Revalsys is a proud partner of with various well-known data centres across the world, you can remain ensured of getting uninterrupted service, no matter you are a large organisation or a small one. With the services of Revalsys Technologies, you can host application in a secure, flexible and scalable environment.

• Data Services
With the data services offered by Revalsys Technologies, you can convert each data into insightful information that is beneficial for your business. You don’t have to worry about that the data which you think are of no use.

• Network Installation and Management
You can remain ensured of getting the best network installation and management with the cloud infrastructure services offered by Revalsys. The team of experienced IT professionals of Revalsys make sure that the network installation and management are just too perfect so that you can maximise your business.

• Virtualisation
Based on your objectives and goals you need to achieve, we virtualise the whole IT structure that includes servers, operating systems, databases, applications etc. using the best technology, and help your business to grow constantly. We provide you with an economical but strategic plan that helps you maximise your performance with any risk associated with it.