Ecommerce Trends In India

The eCommerce ecosystem of India is brimming at present with various developments going on. For the eCommerce marketers and the consumers, the future seems to be bright. With the increase in total internet users’ base in India and the rapid increase in online shoppers, the growth in the eCommerce sector has witnessed a significant rise.

Let’s check some important eCommerce trends in India:

Content-driven commerce will grow

Though not a new entrant in the list of eCommerce trends in India, it will continue to grow this year. To reach customers are different stages of the customers’ journey, content-driven commerce has become the top priority among eCommerce marketers.

The benefits you can expect from content-driven campaigns are immense. Here are some of the important ones:

  • Makes better search engine visibility
  • Offers high-quality website traffic
  • Engages potential customers
  • Demonstrates domain expertise
  • Persuades customers to make buying decisions
  • Reduces bounces rate
  • Increases repeat business through brand stories
  • Strengthens customer loyalty
  • Supports influencer and social media marketing efforts


Brands focusing on personalisation is going to rule

Today’s customers are becoming very specific while indulging in online shopping. Customers expect personalised approaches that are tailored specifically for them, beneficial marketing offers, customer-friendly shipping, and easy return process. Informed customers pick those brands that offer customer-centricity in different aspects of their business.

So, eCommerce companies need to monitor the shopping behaviour of customers, and present products that fit best the behavioural trends in the current scenario at the right time and in an innovative way. Customers’ demographics such as age, gender, and so on can be used to provide a personalised digital experience.

Voice assisted search to dominate online shopping

According to a report, the use of voice search is expected to increase by 50% this year. Customers these days are either too tired to scroll down to search a particular product or gets too lazy to type in the search bar. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google’s voice assistant have influenced the consumers a lot. Whatever be the reasons, voice search has simplified the way of product searching on the online stores. Customers are switching more towards voice-based consumption. Online shopping has become much easier with voice search and increases the number of searches needed. Indian eCommerce players have also started providing voice search on mobile apps and websites.

End-to-end automation

The volume of operations that need to operate an eCommerce business arise the need for end-to-end automation of different processes. Such automation can be seen in increased conversational communication through automated calling, SMS, chatbots, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based applications. Rather than the simple delivery status of orders, eCommerce companies are starting to provide real-time tracking of orders. With minimum communication gaps with customers, customer retention will get a positive boost. The cost of last-mile deliveries will decrease ultimately due to business intelligence through data analytics.

Rise in using user-generated content

User-generated content can do a lot in attracting customers to make purchases from an online store. As such content comes directly from the users, customers purchase decision relies a lot on such content. Companies are using feedbacks, videos, and photos coming from the users in their social media campaigns. It offers the authenticity of a brand and helps in making higher the purchasing decisions of the customers.

Faster and same-day delivery is the need of the hour

Online customers expect quick access to their orders; they can’t wait for long to receive their orders. So, eCommerce companies are trying to reduce the time taken to deliver the orders. They are also trying to experiment with advanced technologies to provide a boost to same-day delivery.

In an attempt to attract new customers and convert them into repeat customers, eCommerce companies are looking for solutions that provide quick delivery options and offer the customers a delightful experience.


The eCommerce industry in India is set to broaden its wings in the coming years. Preparing yourself for the future and adopting a dynamic approach is the key to success in the eCommerce journey.