6 Profitable Ecommerce Start-Up Ideas For 2021

The outbreak of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic in the age of technology brought out the entrepreneur in most people. Some are starting ecommerce businesses as a serious career option, while for others it is a side hustle. Starting a physical business is an expensive process, unlike remote businesses which are powered by the right idea and a website to bring it to life.

If you have been harbouring the dream of owning an ecommerce start-up, here is a list of profitable ideas to get you started:

Content Marketing

If you have a way with words, one start-up idea for you can be to help in the growth of other businesses. Irrespective of its size and type, every business today needs content marketing services to get the word about themselves out into the public and stay in touch with them through various online channels. As a content marketing expert, you can write content for websites, social media channels, blogs, etc., and give businesses a global reach from the comfort of your home.

Fitness Instructor

In the new normal while, on one hand, the focus on health and fitness increased, on the other hand, social distancing norms were imposed and all public places including gyms were shut down. Even after the lockdown was lifted, physical distancing continues to be followed for safety reasons. This resulted in a rising number of online fitness instructors. If you are passionate about fitness and want to guide others in achieving their fitness goals, you can do so by becoming an online fitness instructor. Apart from uploading your tutorial videos on YouTube, you can also conduct live sessions on social media channels.


One thing that people have been missing the most now is indulging in their favorite foods at restaurants. You can help people to bring the restaurant experience home by honing their baking skills through tutorial videos. You can also start a home bakery yourself and satisfy their sweet tooth in a safe and guilt-free way.

Resume Writing

This is a career option that will never go out of fashion. A lot of people who have the necessary skills for landing jobs may not have the skill to put them down on their resumes, and this is where resume writers come in. If you have an HR background along with persuasive writing skills, you can easily make a living by helping others find their dream jobs online in the midst of one of the biggest global crises.

App Development Freelancer

If you are into coding, there is no better time than now to cash in on your skills and develop apps. Consumers today are using mobile devices for various official and personal purposes like browsing products and making purchases and staying connected with colleagues, friends, and family. A lot of businesses in various sectors today are observing this trend and adding mobile apps to their repertoire, which is playing a major role in increasing their customer loyalty and sales.

Hobby Classes

Taking up a new hobby to spend spare time has become extremely popular all over the world now. This is a great time to capitalize on others’ passions. From painting, pottery, sewing, and photography to teaching a new language, the opportunities are endless for you.

From the ones that are in trend to those that never go out of trend, these were a few ecommerce start-up ideas for you to monetize in 2021. Evaluate your strengths and think about what makes you happy for your success and your business’s growth.