10 Useful Tips For You To Name Your E-commerce Business

A domain name is the first element of an eCommerce business that people come across – even before pictures – and use to search for the business online. It is more than just a URL – it is an important part of a brand’s identity. It takes a detailed process to come up with one that appeals to visitors of the website, and here we have listed the most important steps:

Have A Short Name

You want your customers to remember your business for a very long time. The first step to creating a memorable brand is giving it a memorable name. Using short words in the name can make it catchy and easier for people to read, say, and type. This will also help boost your website’s SEO as it will be easy to find online.

Use Common Phrases

Search for phrases that are related to your business and niche and use them. Incorporating phrases that people often use for similar businesses can make your business easy to find.

Use Personal Words

Helping people to establish a connection with your brand is a great way to make it memorable. You can make your brand personal for people by directly referring to them in the name using words like “your”.

Do A Competitor Analysis

Taking a look at the names of your competitors’ websites can help you to understand the reason behind their choice and why the names work for them. You can use their techniques and thought processes to pick the most suitable name for your business. Competitor analysis will also help you to avoid having a similar name as theirs and end up directing your traffic to their website.

Check The Name’s Availability

There are many domain name-checking websites available on which you can see if the name of your choice is already taken. You can use these websites to choose a domain name that is close to that of your business, and a unique extension. This can help you to avoid getting into legal troubles like copyright issues with your competitors.

Describe Your Niche And Mission

This is the easiest way to get people to remember your brand’s name. When you include your niche in your name or choose one that echoes your mission, it helps people to understand your objective and easily identify your business and product.

Avoid Using People’s Names

People can find it difficult to understand your brand’s purpose and connect to it when you use a person’s name in the domain. You can try using words that are personal to you and are yet commonly used so that more people can instantly connect to the name.

Avoid Including Special Characters

Adding special characters to the name clutters and elongates it, making it difficult to remember and type. Avoid using punctuations, symbols, and numbers.

Avoid Unusual Spellings

Using unusual spellings can also make your business’s name hard to remember. You can use unique words to make the domain name stand out.

Gather Feedback

There is no better way to choose the perfect name for your business than by getting feedback on your idea. You can ask your family, friends, or people from your industry for their opinion. You can also directly ask your potential customers’ opinions through surveys and know what it makes them think of, what their expectations are from the business, or even how they will spell the name.


In eCommerce, the first impression is the last impression, and the perfect domain name can help you make a strong one. Choose one that best resonates with your brand, and make sure it also boosts your visibility by using relevant, search-engine-friendly keywords.