E-commerce Product Recommendation – Boost Your Sales And Enhance Customer Satisfaction

E-Commerce Product Recommendation – Boost Your Sales and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With competition getting tougher with each passing day, eCommerce marketers need to make themselves stand out by having proper strategies and implementing those effectively. The online market has grown much bigger as the percentage of people using mobile devices are increasing and people nowadays prefer buying online than going to a store to buy products.

Product recommendations should gain a top position in the list of your marketing strategy. It’s not just nice to offer personalised product recommendations to your customers. You can drive traffic, make better order values and most importantly, you can increase sales.


Personalise the Web Experience of Every Shopper

When you offer product recommendation to a customer, you’re personalising the web experience of every shopper. When a company gives attention to the shoppers, they feel good. Actually, they expect to get special attention from the online shopping portals.

Personalise the Web Experience of Every Shopper

With product recommendation engines, you can track the shopping behaviours of each customer when the customers visit your website. You can even personalise their shopping experience by offering product recommendations based on their recent purchases. Product recommendation engines will save the keywords used by the visitors to create a personal experience.

You can gain customer loyalty by suggesting products they are interested in buying. Customer loyalty is vital for the success of an eCommerce business. So, you have to treat every customer you target with special care and let them know that you really value your customers. You can do this through emails or through your store’s website and make every shopper feel they are important to you.


Best Practice Tips to Offer Product Recommendations

Best Practice Tips to Offer Product Recommendations

Here are some tactics which are effective to offer personalised product recommendations to your customers. You can implement the ones that suits best your business.


  • Recommended For You                                                                                                                                                              Recommended For You

Based on the browsing history of the visitor, display a list of suggested products. Recommended for you, personalised with the customer’s name is an effective product recommendation type that provides a strong impact.


  • Frequently Bought Items

Frequently Bought Items

You can make better AOV (Average Order Value) by offering frequently bought items recommendation.


  • Featured Recommendation

Featured Recommendation

Featured recommendation is a great way to introduce your customers to the products they have not searched but may be useful to them. Based on the recently viewed products, you can offer suggestion related to those.


  • Products Bought By Other Customers

Products Bought By Other Customers

When you provide recommendation such as customers who bought this product also bought that product is a social proof that the customers have actually bought the products.


  • Best-selling items

Best-selling items

You can offer recommendations of best-selling items as it offers an indirect social proof and offers confidence to the shoppers to make the purchase.


  • Product Recommendations Through Emails

Product Recommendations Through Emails

Offer product recommendations through emails and encourage them to get back to your website by offering discount coupons etc.


  • Highest Rated Items

Highest Rated Items

Whenever you offer product recommendations, keep the best-sellers highlighted and show the highest-rated products.


  • Timely and Relevant Recommendations

Timely and Relevant Recommendations

Make sure the recommendations you provide are relevant as well as timely so that it you effort pays off.

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